Crow Sentence Examples | Use Crow in a sentence

1.a Crow, ready to die with thirst, flew with joy to a pitcher which he saw at a distance.

2."said the raven to the Crow. come with me. i need you to raise the men of harlaw. " back then, she'd meant to fight.

3.the crane, on being wounded, said," prophetic Crow, where now are your auspices?"

4.a cock began to Crow, and it was strange to hear it in a Crowded town.

5.'i'm not sure i've ever driven a better lap,' Crowed a delighted irvine. was a hot summer day with the sun shining brightly. a Crow was flying here and there in search of water for his very thirsty throat .

7.the black Crow and the white swan are good friends.

8.allan: this black Crow with a red fruit in its beak is so lovely, how much for each piece?

9.the wings of a Crow can never cover up the sun. day, the fox has got a meat, the Crow see it and wants to eat it.

11.we've seen them all Crowing that the movement is dead.

12.cocks Crow and dogs bark.

13.a fox comes and sees the Crow and the cheese.

14.the Crow whisked her tail.

15.edwards is already Crowing about his assured victory

16.the Crow and the pitcher a Crow felt very thirsty. he looked for water everywhere. finally, he found a pitcher. day a Crow found a piece of meat.

18.the wings of a Crow cannot shut out the rays of the sun.

19.the Crow pecked out the eyes of the dead sheep.

20.the thief ran away and was lost in the Crow.

21.the Crow seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself and the vulture was trying to get rid of him.

22.the rooster's Crow woke me.

23.the wings of a Crow cannot blot out the radiance of the sun.

24.i joined the Crow and stood there and watched long.

25.she was Crowing with delight

26.we are ten miles from the town as the Crow flies.

27.a Crow felt very thirsty. he looked for water everywhere. finally, he found a pitcher.

28.his Crow would awaken the whole village.

29." little Crow like: " this is the next boss will repair, do not they nest so broken, it is possible to live in it?

30.the cock Crows and the dawn chorus begins.

31.i got a sight of him in the Crow. story is over. i think this Crow is very clever, do you think so?

33.they could hear each other's cocks Crow and dogs bark. Crow, you are a good singer.

35.i live at mesa, washington, about 10 miles as the Crow flies from hanford.

36.the ability to keep a smile on your face and proper posture while your horse tries to Crow hop , shy and buck his way around a show ring .

37.the Crow contested one another for nesting territory.

38.when i got to Crow creek, magpie was not home. i talked to his wife amelia.