Croquet Sentence Examples | Use Croquet in a sentence

1.popular in recent years the elderly to exercise the muscles, fitness gym in second place, while the site golf, Croquet and slopes away kagoshima, the elderly are also more popular sport.

2.a Croquet court sat between the compound and a 200-square-foot beach, all within walking distance from town.

3.the objective in a game of Croquet is to strike your ball through a set of hoops in a particular order before finally hitting the central peg.

4.give the ball a hard smack, eg with a bat in cricket a mallet used to strike the ball in Croquet.

5.the central area of garden is a lush, green, well tendered lawn, large enough to play Croquet on in summer.

6.the first tennis championship in england took place in 1877 sponsored by the all england Croquet club at a little place called wimbledon.

7.the other day i explored why Croquet might have been made illegal.

8.the effect of blood circulation and fat metabolism on old men playing Croquet

9.this Croquet set is right up craig's street, isn't it?

10.what's the difference between baseball, cricket, and Croquet?

11.excuse me, but i understand the key to Croquet enjoyment is to start a game.

12.if you spent your life mastering all languages, you might still suck at engineering, Croquet, watercolor, etc.

13.along the boulevards and highways of muscat, the medians were as lush as Croquet lawns.

14.` call it what you like, 'said the cat.` do you play Croquet with the queen to-day?' you play Croquet? yes. your majesty.

16.alice was thinking about this, but the cat went on,'are you playing Croquet with the queen today? '

17.she cheated herself in a game of Croquet she was playing against herself. arch used in Croquet. can engage in Croquet on the south lawn.

20.a billiard table a mallet used to strike the ball in Croquet.

21.the queen turned to alice. "can you play Croquet?", members are encouraged to feel almost like collective owners of its properties, lounging on lawns, playing ancient pianos or enjoying games of Croquet.

23.a mallet used to strike the ball in polo. no baseball 、 softball 、 golf 、 Croquet or similar sport allowed.

24.the first tennis championship in england took place in1877 sponsored by the all england Croquet club at a little place called wimbledon.

25.'i must go and get ready to play Croquet with the queen,'and she hurried out of the room.

26.shouted the queen,` can you play Croquet? '

27.the oldest name for it is closh and the name it had prior to being Croquet was pall-mall.

28.Croquet was highly popular at this time, and the smooth Croquet courts proved readily adaptable for tennis.

29.a wooden ball used in playing Croquet.

30.using a flamingo as a mallet and a hedgehog as a ball , the game of Croquet is pretty absurd in wonderland .

31.spectators watch a match during the wimbledon lawn tennis championships at the all england lawn tennis and Croquet club june 28 in london.

32.its compact grounds contain a tennis court and a Croquet lawn.

33.a long - handled implement used to strike a ball , as in Croquet and polo. must, when you are firing up potato Croquets, make sure your extra virgin olive oil is very hot, this way the potato Croquet will not disturb the oil, make it a nice crispy.

35.results: sports recommended by surgeons included walking, bicycling, Croquet, dancing, swimming and taijiquan which were consistent with opinions in literature.