Crest Sentence Examples | Use Crest in a sentence

1.heavy-bodied reptile with a dorsal sail or Crest; of the late paleozoic.

2.neck is strong, of moderate length, slightly arched at the Crest, fitting well into the shoulders.

3.then a Crest slab is fixed on the beam, which forms the roof.

4.lilies and jasmines surge up on the Crest of the waves of light.

5.the flood Crest flow is increased after the precipitation in fushun city reaches227mm. is unmistakable with its golden Crest and rump and bright red body. feet shot out in front of me and i fell backward. my spine landed flat on a rock and my head snapped back against a rough Crest of stone.

8.on the wall is the family Crest. imperial madrid, i hoped you may move towards the Crest together with the club! might notice its Crest of white feathers.

11.they have a Crest of white feathers on their heads.

12.learn that life is a trough and Crest system.

13.he had huge molars and jaws and a large sagittal Crest.

14.near the Crest, i sat down to a lunch of bread, irish cheddar and spanish chorizo, and looked out at the valley.

15.when they reached the Crest the wolves paused.

16.the segmented Crest on his head has not yet formed into a solid plate, reminiscent of the separated bones of a newborn human baby's skull.

17.then, just when he thought they might not know everything, they set about shaping a snowman on the Crest of the hill.

18.some features, like the Crest, might have allowed the dinosaur to attract mates.

19.they were all wearing the same uniform: a tea towel stamped with the hogwarts Crest, and tied, as winky's had been, like a toga. to one side, just below the Crest of a little hill, there was a natural hideout.

21.both birds had a dark blue Crest.

22.their new outpost was on the Crest of a hill.

23.toothpaste brands affected include Crest and colgate.

24.hector: i am searching for someone. a man bearing the same Crest i'm wearing.

25.long coarse hair growing from the Crest of the animal's neck.

26.the first wave of marchers Crested the hill.

27.this is the beautiful city of a Crest!

28.but at the Crest he saw a shallow valley, empty of life.

29.the root of the external thread or the Crest of the inner thread.

30.the maker of gillette razors and Crest toothpaste has unveiled a plan to shed up to 100 brands.

31.tcp seems to be an alternative to iliac Crest bone grafting in corrective osteotomies of the distal radius.

32.the fleshy red Crest on the head of the domestic fowl and other gallinaceous birds.'s only a Crest. it's not like i lost my sword.

34.small north american duck with a high circular Crest on the male's head.

35.the interface fixation technique avoided the second incision for iliac Crest or fibula and the occurrence of complications. seemed as though two immense adders of steel were to be seen crawling towards the Crest of the table-land.

37.the inputs were there at the right time, there was no cost to the farmers, so they felt really on the Crest of a wave. whatever the exact shape of this curve, it must have a Crest.

39.the addition of a plumed Crest atop the helmet gave it a classical look and a historical feel.

40.who's that hugging a silhouette of willows where the hill's Crest pan out?