Crave Sentence Examples | Use Crave in a sentence has the protein you need and the taste you Crave.

2.i will not Crave world stop turning i know escape at all to no avail.

3.the red shirts should be looking for common ground, not the final, bloody showdown a few seem to Crave.

4.there may be certain times of day when smokers Crave their cigarette

5.why do we Crave love so much, even to the point that we would die for it? is because you still Crave for more wealth.

7.i said these but you can usually and i talk more, more exchanges, other i really can't Crave, don't you love me, but i do love you.

8.i also Crave for the freedom you mentioned, but i have never experienced it. we grow old we Crave apples less.

10.he knows that if they trust him, he can give them the happiness which they Crave. is only natural for youngsters to Crave the excitement of driving a fast car

12.singaporeans do not Crave for and love science and technology.

13.i Crave your pardon, harry.

14.diets do not work. eliminating your favorite foods will just make you want or Crave them more.

15.let me not Crave in anxious fear to be saved but hope for the patience to win my freedom.

16.i'm just saying i Crave them, that's all. i'm pregnant you know. you Crave it like sex?

18.i ask, i Crave, i implore, let him kiss me with the kiss of his mouth.

19."hold it a moment, jack, " bela interrupted. "perhaps they Crave a lungful of garuda's fresh air. . . "

20.the laptop i Crave i actually had in my hands, but only for a week or two as a trial. it's sony's amazing 1. 5-pound vaio x.

21.the things you Crave may satisfy you momentarily, yet they cannot fulfill your deepest desires.

22.they influence how we digest our food, how much we eat and even what we Crave.

23.i didn't Crave milk, or cheese, or meat. was a trooper. without it, none of the Crave articles you've read by me would have been possible. but it's retired.

25.why should they bother with something of little-to-no interest when they could have (or plead for) the thing they Crave?

26.lately, i've found that this transcendent reading experience i so Crave seems to occur more often with young-adult novels. the realm of fiction we discover that plurality of lives for which we Crave.

28.attraction provides the "x" factor for the sex, love, and intimacy we all Crave.

29.human beings Crave intimacy, need to love and be loved.

30.but if you Crave the ultimate, this is your fantasy island!

31.when levels are low, we seem to Crave sweets and carbs, which raise serotonin and improve mood.

32.i used your warmth, i Crave not forget.

33.when you Crave a pick-me-up, don't reach for chocolate or coffee — try peppermint oil instead

34.i Crave some authentic chinese food.

35.what we Crave most in this world is connection.

36.i'm essentially a selfish creature. i Crave your company too much to do what i should. made me start to Crave it, too.

38.none of these things are necessarily bad. we naturally Crave growth to feel a sense of purpose and progress.