Crankle Sentence Examples | Use Crankle in a sentence

1.finite element simulation of hot die forming and optimization design of preform for a blade with large-angle Crankle

2.discuss on the reasonable design of girder of Crankle deformation

3.frequency analysis method of shafting Crankle vibration

4.the unit was retrofitted by means of the advanced meridian channels, Crankle blade and deva self-lubricated technologies to solved the existing problems, eliminate safety implications and improve the efficiency of unit.

5.the course emphasizes on the explanation about the basic principle of the twisting destabilization and the Crankle destabilization.

6.for samples at three-axial compression test, its failure forms include friction slippage, self-analogue plane expands and Crankle expands of micro-cracks when the lateral stress is tensile stress or smaller value.

7.from Crankle coupling point of view, circumvolving shafting vibration is studied so as to get the shafting dynamics characteristic more accurately thus promising the security of the shafting's running.

8.the girder section finite element method was used to build the analysis model, the qr model analysis method was used to calculate the self vibratory frequencies and every models. the results correspond with the solution of timoshenko Crankle coupling girder.

9.Crankle combined strength computing method and analysis of large hatch ship