Crank Sentence Examples | Use Crank in a sentence

1.Crank and rocker arm shear's kinematics analysis based on matlab

2.the action of the Crank turns the wheel.

3.maybe he'll sort of understand, then, if we Crank the volume all the way up, just a few more times, hoping nothing too bad will happen.

4.if you're not rushing, then you'll use the colonial age to Crank on your economy, trying to quickly get to the next age.

5.he looked like a Crank.

6.this paper also presents the application of a precise measurement of Crank shaft speed for engine diagnosis. this case the compressor is a three Crank vertical design.

8.a sample plot of the unstable frequency with Crank speed is illustrated.

9.a person with a new idea is a Crank until the idea succeeds.

10.Crankshaft is a very important component of large marine engine and its key part is Crank.

11.the Crank block is a common mechanism, and the research on the mechanism is necessary.

12.more analysing and studying the definition of Crank angle between extreme positions golden section method the program on optimal design of the Crank and slider mechanisms is worked out.

14.based on the structure characteristics of the high-speed closed Crank press, a two-degree-of-freedom dynamics mode has been established. was an old car, and i had to Crank it up every morning to get it started.

16.affix using one of the Crank arm fixing bolts.

17.steering clutch release Crank axle disengage the clutch before changing gear. has a Crank on one side, and a spool on the other.

19.the bell Crank connects to a tiller handle using a universal joint.

20.since when do we investigate Crank calls?

21.a hostile phone call ( from a Crank).

22.through different transmission, manual Crank control, motor control.

23.the double Crank four ring-plate-type cycloidal pinwheel reducer is a new type reducer based on a new drive principle.

24.the prime minister called councillor marshall 'a Crank'

25.when i was there early enough, i got to help prepare the meal, shelling the beans or turning the Crank on the ice-cream maker.

26.just Crank up your hearing aid a peg or two. can also be applied to one Crank and one-piece Crankshaft of one cylinder or multicylinder engine.

28.for example, in reciprocating piston compressor and power machinery, to connect the piston with connecting rod and Crank.

29.the chauffeur got out to Crank the motor. private they were less tactful. taft dismissed him as "a peace Crank" ; roosevelt viewed him with "contemptuous abhorrence" .

31.the use of pneumatic actuator cylinder piston and Crank conversion structure, output torque, small size fine.

32.just Crank it out on a spreadsheet or whiteboard, show the boss, and move on to the next problem. brave in to try, the course of any sudden Crank mights as well bout, because each are led to " quality " the road of blessing.

34.the circular movement of this Crank operates the valves register.

35.typically, defense contractors Crank out just a few hundred armored vehicles a year.

36.aligning main engine's Crank shaft and intermediate shaft after launching. conformability of sleeve bearing

37.the design of Crank rocker mechanism about four cylinders and four strokes inter-combustion engine with pendulous piston;

38.without this lip, Crankbaits would float on the surface of the water, leaving a very unappealing and out-of-reach target for most fish.

39.kill bad aliens after we Crank up all of the constants. it may not be a good game now, but it's fun to see.

40.he gave the Crank a spin; it broke off after much twisting.