Cowardly Sentence Examples | Use Cowardly in a sentence

1.i feel like the Cowardly lion.

2.they felt he had been Cowardly in manipulating the system to avoid the draft.

3.a man of honour would not behave in so Cowardly way.

4.when i was a boy, i was too Cowardly to go out at might.

5.i told her to stop being lazy, Cowardly, self-indulgent and pathetic.

6.especially in the face of the poor, the Cowardly, more do not stingy friendly smile and encouraging the language.

7.a person afraid to overcome the difficulties is a Cowardly one.

8.a timid, Cowardly, or ineffective person. was Cowardly of him to retrograde in face of danger.

10.i really Cowardly, unlike men.

11.i was too Cowardly to complain. my daily life i am a rather Cowardly man.

13.a Cowardly or timid person.

14.the philippines about to be colonized again ! thats what happens when a nation has nothing but weak, lazy, Cowardly men.

15.he thought the letter Cowardly and hypocritical.

16.president obama also called it a "horrific and Cowardly attack. "

17.rather that in the face of the land and history, was an insult to people with damage to the face, he is Cowardly and shameful. a happiness, pang regardless, depressed, the hing just is all on feels Cowardly just. resemble fart, let out, what also had no!

19.his Cowardly behavior was laughed at by his colleagues.

20.that was sporting of him. or should i say Cowardly

21.i hate Cowardly types like you more than anything. we enter a Cowardly new world. was something, but it was not enough. i knew what power i had over her, and took Cowardly advantage of it.

24.but people have had those who think it is a Cowardly evasion, is the arrogant loneliness.

25.i made the Cowardly lion look like the terminator.

26.d, Cowardly character of such person, feeling vulnerable to impulsive, likes to pursue the ideal is not easy to achieve. is hard to think of a more Cowardly and evil form of attack than this.

28.that's a Cowardly excuse!

29.the more silent i am afraid more is to prove that i am a Cowardly man bar.

30.machiavelli is not an evil genius, nor a demon, nor a miserable and Cowardly writer; he is nothing but the fact.

31.this was a Cowardly thing to do.

32.he described the detention without trial of political opponents as a Cowardly act. may call me Cowardly: you would be right.

34.keith, can saying is the most Cowardly performed a, also can saying is the most brave a.

35.are you afraid to fight me yourself, you Cowardly snake?

36.her cowardice, no. women are often allowed to be Cowardly when men are not. that's not a good example.

37.there's something Cowardly and ignoble about such an attitude.

38.i really want to do so Cowardly?

39.who would have me falsely accused of such Cowardly actions.

40.prepare to die, you Cowardly traitor!