Cow Sentence Examples | Use Cow in a sentence

1."oh, you are, of course, master pig. " said the Cow. "of course, " the pig said, "there is no doubt about it. "

2.the scientist cloned a Cow.

3.she's a Cow. i am a Cow.

4.a police spokesman said: "if it was a person who caused the accident, he or she would be behind bars, so why not a Cow? "

5.the Cow stamped on his side, winding him.

6.he touched the Cow's side with his stick.

7.a mature Cow has horns.

8.i have a Cow, a dog, a goat, a duck and a hen.

9.he kept a few dairy Cows

10.the highest quantities of medicines were found in Cow's milk.

11.also he kept three or four pigs and a Cow. they were all pastured in the few acres left of the grimes place and jake did little enough work. can initiate policies until the Cows come home, but unless they're monitored at a senior level, you won't get results.

13.every time i try to ask him what part of the Cow the meat comes from he just smiles and barks like a dog.

14.did you see the Cow with her calf?

15.and then he told them the whole story of the horse, which he had exchanged for a Cow, and all the rest of it, down to the apples.

16.the Cow's tail flicked from side to side.

17.yes ah, "Cow home how dependent? " for doubt, the evening news reporter at the scene into a real estate sales and see what really happened.

18.our Cow's carrying again.

19.the disease is more commonly known as mad Cow disease

20.the Cow brushed off the flies with a whisk of its tail.

21.she did not yell out - no! she would have scorned to do it, if she had been spitted on the horns of a mad Cow. talk with him about literature is nothing but playing the lute to a Cow.

23.he uses dry Cow dung as fuel.

24.honey is to a bee what milk is to a Cow.

25.the Cow has kicked the bucket over again.

26.Cow's milk and eggs also contain antimicrobial substances.

27.i'm not kidding, frank. there's a Cow out there, just standing around

28.give the Cow a dose when she falls off her food.

29.the government, far from being Cowed by these threats, has vowed to continue its policy.

30.under that was what felt like "an ear of a Cow, " she said.

31.a male Cow is usually called a bull only if it still has its reproductive organs. if not, we call it a -- what?

32.he dreamt not only that one Cow was sick, but that all his cattle had fallen ill.

33.i've just found a Cow and soon we'll have some milk for you and the baby.

34.she had so many Cows, she could have had a Cow farm.

35.any product made from Cow's milk made him vomit went out to milk the Cows.

37.suddenly the Cow kicked up its hind legs.