Covert Sentence Examples | Use Covert in a sentence

1.more than a decade later history seems to be repeating itself in the Covert war over gm crops. a special form of interview, the Covert coverage is frequently used in recent years and arouses the attention of the media and audience.

3.large militaristic legions were formed and gained the edge in Covert political persuasion and power. framed a cia agent? -well, he wasn't under Covert status. he was a punk analyst who stepped out of line and needed to be put in a place. the point of Covert police work is not to talk about it. and look at the time, almost ten, i started a second Covert operations - to help his mother cook rice.

7.we will make a study on the Covert expression of interpersonal function by analyzing some examples in daily communication and literary works.

8."Covert, creeping islamization" an expression coined by jensen, has been at the center of the debate for the last two years.

9.we're going to take a more Covert approach on this one.

10.for Covert mind warfare against the soviets in afghanistan. were part of the Covert team that mounted the assault on our consulate. recent years, Covert communication techniques have become important gradually in communication fields.

13.the depth of Covert racism in my own profession frightens me. also allows administrators to hide cameras within the system so that they are completely Covert. it Covert fiscal policy if you must; it would not alter deficit measures that worry markets. the postcards advertising these lynchings testify, the practice was not Covert.

17.the bombing of cambodia or Covert operations in chile were thrown into the cauldron. resources must not be used in the running of religious schools and Covert religious schools.'re not as Covert as you'd like to think.

20.the financial debt in china consists of central financial debt and Covert financial debt.

21.we should learn to fight with enemy in an overt and Covert way. has been done through Covert actions, so that their influence can bring about changes beneficial to them.

23.what's to say they couldn't start another Covert nuclear weapons program?

24.salt goes on the run, using all her skills and years of experience as a Covert operative to elude capture.

25.a reversible Covert communication method based on integer linear transform and sorting was proposed.

26.Covert channel is the key problem of the research of information flow security, so domestic and overseas scholars research the problem of information security through analyzing Covert channel.

27.that affects your thinking and actually shortens your patience, particularly when you get Covert support from others.

28.he speaks many languages including arabic, so he was assigned to dangerous Covert operations.

29.their declared and their Covert objectives; a declared liberal.

30.there's no Covert rescue option. a country that mixes overt communism with Covert capitalism, china's super-rich walk a fine line.

32.the times said the unit was on a Covert mission to put the diplomat in touch with rebel leaders . fox declined to comment on the report. monetta added that the technical complexity and "significant size" of the laser plant were major barriers to its Covert adoption abroad.

34.what they asked me to set up for them is a Covert unit.'s a Covert way, if you will, of addressing a problem.

36.but it ignores the fact that, though pilots, we potentially were in as much danger of capture as any Covert agent.

37.Covert channels and trojan code.

38.this paper begins with the introduction of the notion or the definition of Covert channel.

39.they have been supplying Covert military aid to the rebels

40.he stole a Covert glance at lily.