Couple Sentence Examples | Use Couple in a sentence

1.a Couple semesters later my section started to grow, and i soon had to turn people away because my section was full.

2.i'll pick up on what i said a Couple of minutes ago.

3.with school out for the summer and only a Couple of days before we were to leave, i began to give up hope of finding my great orange tip.

4.its engine is Coupled to a semiautomatic gearbox

5.there was a sharp yelp, a flirt of the poodle's head, and the beetle fell a Couple of yards away, and lit on its back once more.

6.professor kwak dae-kyung of seoul's dongguk university told the yonhap news agency that the Couple appeared to have lost track of reality.

7.a Couple of years ago, the sea ice did not form at all until december and was gone again in march.

8.the happy Couple and their respective parents took to the floor.

9.the Couple have separated but he wants a reconciliation

10.i almost lasted the two weeks. i only had a Couple of days to do.

11.the Couple met about two years ago and soon became firm friends.

12.a Couple of weeks later my mother went into hospital's a target but i said a Couple of weeks ago if he gets over 30 i'll be delighted and i'll stick to that. dad had a Couple of bob dylan and beatles songbooks lying around the house.

15.the Couple had been living together for 16 years.

16.they were an odd Couple.

17.i spent a Couple of days sight-seeing in guilin.

18.the Couple have no children.

19.owning a place of their own is a dream come true for the Couple.

20.all i want is to have some peace and quiet and spend a Couple of nice days with my grandchildren

21.the Couple wed late at night in front of just nine guests

22.across the street from me there are a Couple of police officers standing guard won't find a Couple more in the public gaze than michael and lizzie.

24.this, Coupled with the fact that flying machines remained universally a subject for jeers and derision, made the brothers secretive.

25.i'm still in the air force, though i'll be demobbed in a Couple of months.

26.with £ 800 spending money for each Couple, you can really go to town!

27.he had lent the bungalow to the conrads for a Couple of weeks.

28."in the last Couple of years, financial activity became less related than we've seen before to real economic developments, " he said.

29."i grew up with all this back in pittsburgh, so i've been looking for it here for a Couple years, and now i've found it, " he says.

30.i think the trouble will clear up in a Couple of days.

31.the young Couple decided to have a child.

32.overuse of those drugs, Coupled with poor diet, leads to physical degeneration

33.she sold me a Couple of live lobsters.

34.the various systems are Coupled together in complex arrays.

35.i had a monumental run-in with him a Couple of years ago.

36.both my brothers have university degrees. i just scraped through a Couple of a-levels only lasted a Couple of years, as far as i know

38.but even with the greatest sincerity we believe that this Couple was quite upset at the social pressure, heart suspicions still lingering. marriage expert says parents' behavior should depend on the age of their kids, and also on a tougher criterion: how the Couple argue.