Counterchange Sentence Examples | Use Counterchange in a sentence

1.the thesis firstly translate multicolor image into gray image to faster the speed of image processing, then eliminate the noises. after that, to image enhancement through Counterchange gray or filtering. the coordinates Counterchange, the relationship between energy and wave function of two dimensional harmonic oscillator and hydrogen atom are found.

3.this method adopts fuzzy matrix fusion areas and makes use of wavelet Counterchange method to analyze and reconstruct the image.

4.the solutions and realizing methods for problems encountered in practice are introduced, such as cutting and the join-together of dem data, image matching, earth surface simulation, perspective Counterchange, black-out processing, effects of illumination and shadow, color change, etc. the course of the Counterchange between knowledge organization and knowledge innovation, cko enterprise librarians will play an important role.

6.the flight path can be drawn on a plan by coordinates Counterchange.

7.the knowledge about the matrix and the Counterchange have never appeared in former teaching materials.

8.we also researched the frequency structure of ddc and interchanged the filter multiphase heft and taking out-operation using the theory of equivalent Counterchange in multisampling system.

9.the position Counterchange method of rigid body is introduced, an inductive mechanism to realize straight track is designed by using this method, and a practical formula to check extreme position is also proposed.

10.the research on the formation of the digital beam by the fourier Counterchange method

11.rgb color space, by nonlinear Counterchange, was converted into his color space where the various color components were been perceived independently.