Cough Sentence Examples | Use Cough in a sentence

1.he suffered from a snotty nose, runny eyes and a slight Cough.

2.inhalations can soothe and control the Cough

3.she Coughed a terrible Cough.

4.measles, mumps and whooping Cough are spreading again because children are not being vaccinated.

5.a cold can easily cause a Cough.

6.mother was advised to keep indoors for a week after her Cough seemed better.

7.grit from the highway made him Cough it happened that the first suitor was an old man with squint eyes and a Cough.

9.then suddenly, the engine Coughed, spluttered and died.

10.this Cough medicine tastes nice but it doesn't do much good.

11.he Coughed. 'excuse me, mrs allsworthy, could i have a word?'

12.will this be enough to persuade congress to Cough up?

13.he owes us money, but he won't Cough up.

14.must he must have rid himself of his pneumonia last week , for you see , he doesn't Cough at all now .

15.the quiet was broken by astley's hacking Cough.

16.she had a genius for knowing when a Cough is a thing to have no patience with and when it needs stocking around your throat.

17.a split-second later there was an asthmatic Cough and the sound of a toilet flushing. one enjoys their first cigarette - it tastes awful, burns your throat, makes you Cough, and is often nauseating.

19.i'll have to Cough up$ 10,000 a year for tuition

20.the dot of my home why acuteness Cough, return companion to have vomitive state, ate medicine not to see the effect, who can tell me to do?

21.winter is a time of Cough and cold.

22.she was shocked at the bill, but she had to Cough up.

23.his Cough grew more persistent until it never stopped

24.she heard a muffled Cough behind her.

25.because Cough may be the only symptom of reflux, i would also initiate more aggressive acid suppression with a proton-pump inhibitor.

26.two days before he came into the emergency room he began to have chills, fever, and a Cough.

27.graham began to Cough violently

28.Cough throat-based virtual real standard of evidence, in this virtual fei wei, the wind is the heat throat.

29.i started Coughing blood so they transferred me to a hospital.

30.the child has a bad Cough and it rather worries her.

31.he made up a bottle of Cough medicine.

32.let the Cough drop melt in your mouth.

33.have you had your child vaccinated against whooping Cough?

34.symptoms are streaming eyes, a runny nose, headache and a Cough.

35.try gargling with salt water as soon as a Cough begins

36.come on, Cough up, who did it?

37.the great communicability of whooping Cough, males it desirable to isolate the patient for four to six weeks. much of the Cough syrup do i take?

39.she dosed up the children with Cough syrup.

40.about the only kind thing to say about the lakers was that they didn't Cough up another second-half lead.