Cotyledon Sentence Examples | Use Cotyledon in a sentence

1.among Cotyledon, petiole of Cotyledon, hypocotyl, and radicle, hypocotyl has the most responsive explants to2,4-d.

2.effect of two-step culture and agno_3 on the shoot regeneration from Cotyledon and hypocotyl explants in brassica napus

3.effect of Cotyledon damage on the growth rate of cucumber seedlings

4.based on studies of rice embryo development we confirmed that rice embryo has two dimorphic Cotyledons rather than just one Cotyledon.

5.effects of nitrogen application and Cotyledon excision on leaf nitrate reductase activity of swietenia macrophylla seedling

6.this experiment inspected the effect of four different growth regulators on callus induction of Cotyledon, young leaf, petiole and hypocotyl in creeping dichondra with the orthogonal design.

7.molecular cloning and characterization of several genes involved in longan Cotyledon embryo development

8.induction of callus and regeneration of plantlets in Cotyledon and hypocotyl segment culture of chinese gooseberry

9.microstructural changes of Cotyledon cells in soybean during seed development

10.the early events in Cotyledon cells cultured in vitro of acacia mangium were studied under light and electron microscope.

11.establishment of regeneration system and in vitro culture from pepper Cotyledon and hypocotyl explants on differentially expressed proteins during development of longan Cotyledon embryos

13.promote Cotyledon cell expansion. in addition, cytokinins promote the growth and synthesis of chlorophyl as well. on the defence function of Cotyledon in seedling stage of cruciferous plants

15.a study on early changes of Cotyledon cells of dioscorea opposita thunb in the process of dedifferentiation

16.the soluble protein declined as the Cotyledon development.

17.the fluctuations of protein and amino acide contents in the development process of involucre, ovary and Cotyledon were studied between empty shell's chestnut and normal chestnut. on Cotyledon culture of bulgaria capsicum in vitro and establishment of plant regeneration

19.the seed does not have endosperm, embryo unbend, Cotyledon hypertrophy. on tissue culture and plantlet regeneration from the Cotyledon of watermelon

21.a number of regenerate plantlets were induced from leaf blade and Cotyledon of tobacco hybrid by tissue culture.

22.ultrastructure and lipase activity of Cotyledon cell during pod development in peanut

23.the amounts of 18 kinds of amino acids in ovary and Cotyledon were higher than that in involucre;

24.( of a flowering plant) having a single Cotyledon in the seed as in grasses and lilies.

25.genus of flowering plants having a single Cotyledon ( embryonic leaf) in the seed. on plant regeneration from Cotyledon explants of a melon cultivar 'huangdanzi'

27.any stage of Cotyledon development

28.a study on the root-stem transition region and Cotyledon node in oil sunflower

29.hypocotyls the stem below the Cotyledons, occupying the region between the Cotyledon stalks and the point where lateral roots arise.

30.there was a big difference in the induction frequency from Cotyledon culture to various genotypes of faba bean.

31.proteins expressed during rhizogenes is of walnut Cotyledon were profiled with the techniques of proteomics.

32.differential expression analysis of longan Cotyledon embryo by cdna-aflp

33.effects of ioa and r-6g on mitochondria inactivation of Cotyledon protoplast of non-heading chinese cabbage

34.high effective system establishment of regeneration in vitro from Cotyledon nodes of cucumis melo l .

35.plantlet regeneration from Cotyledon protoplast culture of non heading chinese cabbage

36.Cotyledon ( seed leaf) the first leaf of the embryo of seed plants, which is usually simpler in structure than later-formed leaves.

37.the protein bodies developed later than oil bodies. there were a few starch granules in pericarp, seed coat and Cotyledon.

38.the anatomical structure of its primary vascular system was studied and its Cotyledon node zone is longer than that of ranonculaceae.

39.influence of different factors on regeneration plants from cucumber Cotyledon