Costless Sentence Examples | Use Costless in a sentence the same time, though, we need to understand that protectionism is not Costless .

2.the old economic saw cuts true: there is no such thing as a free lunch, and there is no Costless way to fund government spending. board level . . . things will not be looked at as Costless to the shareholders.

4.the cheap nike shoes Costless fast suit is severely an extraordinary sneaker. moaning is Costless, a chorus of wailing customers is predictable.

6.while it is a displacement activity, the ban is not Costless.

7.advocating a policy that cannot be guaranteed to work, and that is neither Costless nor riskless , is not usually sensible.

8.the contributions will not be Costless for china but they are an investment whose return will be the technology revolution that would reduce the economic costs of its own future emission cuts.

9.the economic and technical drivers of integration – information technology, virtually Costless communications, the internet as an all-in-one platform for voice, video and data services and the accelerating pace of innovation in service as well as manufacturing industries – are growing stronger.

10.i suggest that for soes and private firms alike, divergent interests between managers and shareholders imply that ensuring optimal pay out policy is not Costless.

11."the world economy is entering a difficult and dangerous phase, where there are no easy or Costless policy solutions but policy paralysis also carries enormous risks of unravelling the feeble recovery," mr prasad said.

12.the most valid criticism of qe is that with government borrowing being nearly Costless, fiscal policy should take more of the strain. makes no gesture, however small, however Costless to its larger agenda, of a bipartisan approach to the great questions it addresses.

14.the existence of private benefits of control motivates the good firms to issue convertible bonds financing, and the Costless equilibrium in the stein's model is not the unique one. present, collective negotiation system is considered a systematic and normalized mechanism which is established both parties of the contract to coordinate the interests as well as an effective and Costless way to deal with labor disputes. inorganic fire-retardant become the hot study in fir-retardant field. for these years, biological technology was used more and more in the environmental protection field and was paid wide attention to for its Costless, high-effective, free secondly polluted characteristics.

17.the girl tried all her best to squeeze her feet into that pair of Costless crystal shoes.

18.none of these solutions is exactly Costless.

19.however, as a social medical insurance, the operation of ncms is not Costless. the moral hazard which is caused by ncms adds to these costs and reduces the efficiency of ncms.

20.and even if you somehow build a powerful, expansive internet that can bring a nation's energy and economic infrastructure into a new, nearly Costless era, you will need to protect it from all kinds of harm. the same time, though, we need to understand that protectionism is not Costless.

22.when waste pet can replace part of raw material, it's a Costless and meaningful thing to develop and utilize pet waste and protect environment.

23.the market trades are not Costless. the existence of information asymmetry problems and so on can induce the transaction cost, transaction cost is the key component to influence the realization of the electricity market reform and energy trades. float the renminbi is not Costless. does not rely on any reference sources and uses only the observation scene itself. the implementation is easy and Costless.

26.advocating a policy that cannot be guaranteed to work, and that is neither Costless nor riskless, is not usually sensible.

27.more generally, if sustaining a high debt-to-gdp ratio were politically and economically Costless, one would have seen many more countries, before the great recession, in high net debt territory.

28.there's a good lesson here for policy makers in washington who think protectionism is Costless.

29.when a man send Costless jewellery to a woman, maybe he would like something what returned back to him were many. filters are Costless in operation when used in hvdc power transmission system.

31.these are not Costless measures.

32.only then would failure to respond to this challenge prove Costless.