Correlative Sentence Examples | Use Correlative in a sentence addition, some disadvantages and advantages of adsorbents, mechanisms and influencing factors of adsorption are analyzed, and the Correlative research progress is reviewed.

2.for if the so-called Correlative is not winged, it follows that 'the wing' has no Correlative.

3.furthermore, we research Correlative database theory from every idiographic tache of the digitization modeling.

4.for general engineering cases, a numerical simulation method is employed to perform the frs analysis with Correlative variables. has rights only in so far as they are a Correlative of duty.

6.the limit of a large system and the time scale of the Correlative function evolution are discussed.

7.objective: to analyze the Correlative factors of age at menarche of guangxi.

8.the results of the simulation are applied in practice, economy benefit is acquired, and offers directions for Correlative studies and robotization in railroads of and arts and crafts.

9.finally, the temperature field on the surface of a cooling tower is given, with an analysis of various Correlative factors made.

10.the extension method enriches the content of data mining, and provides new tools for building multivalue Correlative criteria.

11.this paper researches the Correlative contents of snmp and network perfomance management.

12.a analysis of social function and Correlative factors for long-term hospitalized schizophrenia.

13.the Correlative research has been reported less.

14.compared with treynor index, sharpe index and jensen index, this paper analyse the Correlative coefficient between them.

15.through analyze the general conception, the article puts forward the conception of default judgment and analyzes the Correlative conception.

16.the deeper intercommunion among the Correlative subjects and a flood of new thoughts would accelerate the study of decoctions. the second part of the text, we introduce the Correlative theory of service marketing. last, we studies the equation of self-organizing synergetic evolvement and gets the Correlative conclusion. this text, the methods sre classified and compared, and there are Correlative conclusions.

20.the general correlation coefficient is used to solve the Correlative problems in parametric method.

21.Correlative research was made on the activity of enzyme and soil nutrient of different wetlands in yellow river delta.

22.there is no doubt, the humor of the hidden violence is a direct and constant Correlative.

23.the improved grey Correlative method was put forward in order to improve the objectivity of grey synthetic evaluation method.

24.the experimentation shows that 7 organophosphorus pesticide are separated in 20 min. the Correlative curve linearity is all right.

25.Correlative analysis between the results of several examinations and the prognosis were performed respectively.

26.research at home and abroad and carding of Correlative theories lay the foundation of this study.

27.this paper introduces the picture processing of hand vein recognition system and Correlative recognition algorithms, and proves the feasibility of this system with experiments.

28.the Correlative structure model is presented to help decision-making to organizing and managing the emergency decision problem effectively.

29.this paper defines integrated system reliability management for mg, and discusses Correlative technologies and theories of it.

30.the obtained stability criteria correct and extend the existed Correlative results on delay differential equations.

31.sp and cgrp are Correlative with the occurring and developing of allergic rhinitis. is highly important that we will research into the Correlative testing device and methods.

33.analysis relationship between welfare increments is through the power system producing was considered a Correlative state space.

34.the Correlative rectifying measures are made, and has met the requirements of production by preliminary validated.

35.the simulation model involves Correlative random variables and different kind of probability distribution.

36.the financial crisis exposes not only the problem of asian but also the Correlative research localization.

37.the algorithm of Correlative system parameters of adaptive current instantaneous trip protection is studied.

38.first, this essay defines the Correlative definitions of think tanks, introduces the histories and the sort of chinese think tanks .

39.the algorithm provides novel ideas to the iris recognition and Correlative researches.

40.the study on object recognition based on bit-map one-dimension Correlative analysis;