Cordially Sentence Examples | Use Cordially in a sentence are Cordially invited to a simple dinner with us. are Cordially invited to attend my birthday.

3.welcome the domestic and international travelling trader Cordially and patronize our company, sincerely cooperate, seek development altogether!

4.we sincerely look forward to cooperating with you, and also Cordially welcome each customer to visit us!

5.the Cordially welcome domestic and foreign manufacturers come our company to visit instruct, technological exchange, discussion cooperation.

6.we Cordially invite you and your family to be part of this wonderful game and performance.

7.inspection is respectfully [ Cordially] invited.

8.if you still need more detailed data, please contact us, our factory Cordially cooperate with you, together development!

9.he greeted her most Cordially.

10.your patronage is Cordially invited.

11.we Cordially wish it a success.

12.inspection is Cordially invited.

13.he extended his hand Cordially for handshaking. matter where you go, you will be Cordially welcomed in china.

15.staff and students are Cordially invited to the ceremony.

16.Cordially congratulate you on your passing the examination with excellent performance!

17.they greeted us Cordially [ warmly].

18.the presence of your whole family is Cordially requested.

19.this time, when he came one afternoon, i actually felt glad to see him, and welcomed him Cordially. is with the greatest pleasure that i write to Cordially invite you to attend the meeting. was the same old house of ours. you talked to me Cordially now in your room, now in my room. you smiled and i also smiled.

22.your presence is Cordially requested.

23.i dislike john Cordially; he is nothing but a cheat. are Cordially invited to the wedding.

25.the new couple were Cordially received.

26.shanghai, one of the most promising cities on the planet of the earth, Cordially welcomes friends from all over the world. the end she made a selection which he Cordially approved.

28.she Cordially anticipates establishing a long term, friendly cooperation relation with you! prepared to stand your ground firmly, yet Cordially, especially in the last few minutes of the negotiations.

30.i Cordially invite you to join us.

31."you could not possibly have come at a better time, my dear watson, " he said Cordially. are Cordially invited to come and give guidance.

33.i want to Cordially invite you to our annual dinner.

34.gladly and Cordially received or admitted. are Cordially invited to our wedding. are Cordially invited to

37.we all Cordially detest the management.

38.he thank'd me Cordially, the information being of importance to him; are earnestly requested to be present at the party.; you are Cordially invited to the party.

40.the public is Cordially invited.