Copland Sentence Examples | Use Copland in a sentence's like you're the sheriff of Copland.

2.aaron Copland ( 1900-1990) was one of the leading american composers in 20th century.

3.Copland was the code name for the most infamous of apple's several failed attempts at creating a next-generation operating system.

4.later examples include tchaikovsky's nutcracker suite and Copland's appalachian spring, both arranged from ballets.

5.the harmonic language is like a gloss on bernstein, or tepid Copland (in his "tender land" mode).

6.bernstein traveled the world as a conductor and encouraged appreciation of the music of american composers, especially aaron Copland.

7.Copland created scores that simplified music and expressed the american experience.

8.the melting snows of spring and early summer are justly celebrated by aaron Copland and walt whitman.

9.crystal Copland, who opened last week's louis vuitton show in paris, spoke to wwd, explaining that it's the 'majors'-the four most famous fashion weeks-that demand more of their models when it comes to walking in designer heels. older sister taught Copland how to play the piano while he attended public high school.

11.besides george gershwin and aaron Copland, barber was the third american composer whose works were frequently played, and was regarded as a distinguished figure of those traditional romantic composers in america.

12.external causes which influence the creation of chinese piano music; nationalism art impact in composition of aaron Copland

13.ressler said the band also plays Copland, "the most important american classical composer of the 20th century. "

14.aaron Copland was an energetic promoter of american music.

15."we see that warming is concentrated in the winter, " Copland said.

16.Copland had been throwing himself into composing for almost his whole lifetime, with a creation of over 100 various music works.

17.i'm sure a lot of my concern is an overreaction caused by having lived through the actual Copland crisis in the1990s, and watching apple almost die because of it.

18.Copland also was a conductor, pianist, speaker, teacher and author.

19.veteran american composers making important contributions to serious music include roy harris, howard hanson, aaron Copland, virgil thomson, walter piston, roger sessions, and wallingford riegger.

20.when he was just 15, aaron Copland decided to become a composer.