Copious Sentence Examples | Use Copious in a sentence

1.Copious academic research bears that out.

2.i took a rubbing, recorded his information into one of my Copious notebooks, and then stood examining the fancy stone for a few moments. has been to us all a Copious fountain of national, social, personal happiness.

4.donate time or money to charity, or just make your colleagues Copious cups of tea.

5.china is also adding Copious amounts of traditional track and upgrading lines, mostly intended for freight.

6.they, not being able to follow him in his wealth, found it easier to copy him in prodigality and Copious spending of what was not their own.

7.and to get the most out of the system you need the steam to be both very hot indeed and available in Copious amounts. france, a similar hallowed tradition demands a Copious flow of red wine at weddings. they are free there isnt Copious amount being made, and i want maximum people to enjoy this.

10.the orchard in the village gives a Copious harvest, and people hire many temporary farm workers to help.

11.i went out for a meal last night and drank Copious amounts of red wine

12.he did Copious research on these unsolved cases. usually involves developers, business experts, and Copious quantities of coffee, cookies, and whiteboard pens.

14.every star is a Copious source of neutrinos.

15.i took Copious notes. please make a plan in details.

16.this is an especially common problem for small businesses, where Copious cash outflows may repeatedly preceded cash inflows;

17.but aside from Copious sand and sun, what else does china's'forever tropical paradise'offer a visitor?

18.larvae chosen to become queens receive Copious quantities of pure royal jelly;

19.i went to the doctor with abdominal cramps and he began writing me Copious prescriptions,'she says.

20.a Copious rain began to fall.

21.he attended his lectures and took Copious notes.

22.with Copious lungfuls of that "life-prolonging air" inside them, they would be themselves again.

23.this can be seen in the Copious amounts of precious metals that have changed hands in the last few months, but these panic-driven acquisitions are too little, too late.

24.the banker's speech was fluent, but it was also Copious.

25.i took Copious notes.

26.immediately go to a safety shower or other available water and flush with Copious amounts of water for at least five (5) minutes.

27.'the cash nexus' contains Copious analysis and information, and a graceful introduction spells out the whole argument.

28.schools could do more than any other single institution to enhance adolescent health and Copious life.

29.we grow Copious amounts of ganja, yeah?

30.i will fix it in my Copious free time.

31.she was a Copious writer.

32.a Copious writer of detective stories.

33.bystanders throw cold water over the contestants, who drink Copious amounts of sake in an effort to stop from freezing.

34.his first act was to kneel down on a large stone beside the row of vessels, and to drink a Copious draught from one of them.

35.moreover, mammoth hair is found in Copious quantities in cold environments and it is not regarded as fossil material of enormous value like bone or muscle, which also carries anatomical information.

36.but doing Copious homework on chinese companies looks like good advice for putative investors.

37.he did not predict the future in his Copious science fiction, he insisted. he simply extrapolated.

38.throughout this excavation, not only Copious amount of artefacts and data are attained, but also reliable information in terms of burial customs and cultural significance are acquired.

39.we dedicate Copious amounts of time and attention to our work to maintain our high personal standards.

40.he did not predict the future in his Copious science fiction, he insisted.