Contraindication Sentence Examples | Use Contraindication in a sentence

1.master the principle, image analysis of myocardial perfusion imaging, indication and Contraindication of intervene test.

2.conclusion coma is not the absolute Contraindication of nppv treatment.

3.indication and Contraindication; preoperative preparation; postoperative follow-up.

4.conclusion gallbladder cardiac syndrome is not the Contraindication while it is the indication for surgical treatment.

5.Contraindications for this drug include liver or kidney impairment.

6.all children can be vaccinated with the new vaccine except for those with Contraindication.

7.if does not have the Contraindication.

8.but coronary heart disease and dated sex myocardial infarction is not operation Contraindication disease.

9.we suggested that patients with diabetes mellitus should not be considered as Contraindication for laryngectomy and it was unfavourable for these patients if operation was abandoned or delayed. or you may make a mistake and address it to the wrong individual, and this will also mean delay.

10.thus the decision for avr surgery should be made case by case and the absence of cr should not be considered to be an absolute Contraindication to avr.

11.objective: to explore the skill, indication and Contraindication of treatment of abdominal echinococcosis with laparoscopy.

12.detection rate of occupational Contraindication among employees of food industries and public places and health examination system defects

13.however, an alternative for machine readable Contraindication rules also exists. report the method of hemodialysis was reasonably made, and an opportune moment, indication and Contraindication were selected.

15.consequently, advanced dm should no longer be a relative Contraindication for heart transplantation.

16.hypertension crisis should be considered as a Contraindication of thrombolysis.

17.technic of tapping, its safety, Contraindication and interpretation of positive results are also discussed.

18.answer: bring a word according to work of original labor department [ 1990] 2 date regulation, treat the labor range that pregnant worker Contraindication undertakes.

19.survey on the knowledge of vaccination Contraindication among expanded program of immunization staff in zhengzhou municipal

20.methods: clinical pharmacists asked medical history of the patients whose states of illness became abnormal, analyzed the relationship between the change in state of illness and the drugs administered, and found Contraindication of the drugs for the patients.

21.appropriate time of administration, indication and Contraindication of rt-pa were discussed.

22.qi-deficiency, blood-deficiency and yin-deficiency may be the susceptible markers of benzene-exposure Contraindication.

23.the essentials of the technique, indication and Contraindication, and the prevention and management of complications were discussed.

24.emergency hyperbaric oxygen and their relative Contraindication of the treatment

25.what Contraindication does it have?

26.objectives: to discuss the feasibility, indication, Contraindication, and prevention complication of the liver transplant.

27.conclusion. age itself cannot be considered a Contraindication.

28.Contraindication: vertebra tuberculosis osteoma, osteoporosis, heart disease, heavy diabetes, pregnant women.

29.but coronary heart disease and dated sex miocardial infarction is not operation Contraindication disease.

30.conclusion for the patients with aphasia after stroke, hyperbaric oxygenation combined with madopa is maybe a superior choice if the patient with no Contraindication. is not an absolute Contraindication of curative resection for those patients with tumor involving portal vein.

32.conclusion for the sah patients without Contraindication, lumbar puncture for replacement of cerebrospinal fluid can improve the disease quickly, so it is one of the desirable treatment types.

33.conclusion it is important to emphasis the Contraindication of biguanides, and advocate rational use, and try to avoid abusing.

34.investigation on occupational Contraindication among 220 workers working at height

35.severe pulmonary ventilation disorder is the significant cause of giving up surgery, but may be not the absolute Contraindication of cardiac surgery.

36.thorn slender acanthopanax piece what is he guwei element kind medicaments, is there Contraindication?

37.conclusions severe systemic disease is not an absolute Contraindication for vitrectomy.