Contort Sentence Examples | Use Contort in a sentence

1.brenner was breathing hard, his face Contorted with pain.

2.the key might not be to try to Contort yourself into a schedule that doesn't work for you, but to experiment. face has 9 muscles beneath your skin that you Contort, flex, and move.

4.more common, but still inadvisable , are uses that Contort an operator's "normal" meaning to force a fit to a given type. this report, the cause of mechanism displacement is analysed and the method to reduce or Contort the deformation of the walings is also introduced.

6.mike: no way! yoga is for girls. i'd rather do some weights or cardio at the gym than Contort my body into painful postures.

7.the seizures may lock up the joints and slightly Contort the body alter the normal aspect of; Contort

9.eerie cries begin to ring out from within the crowd and a few of the devotees begin to Contort their faces and bodies it turned out, texting significantly distorted their gait and walking form, whether they intended to Contort themselves or not.

11.but at the same time, implementation ability of some grass-roots governments is very weak and some executive subjects are lack of moral quality. they usually Contort the essence of the state policies and additionally implement the policies.

12.the confucian ideal of loyalty can Contort into a perverse concept of harmony that deprives people of voicing legitimate dissent.

13.regional division will bring benefit by traditional theory of comparative advantages division may bring benefit to some region, but to others it may make loss considering as factors of market requirements and price Contort. cause to twist or squirm; Contort.

15.the gentlest of her caresses would Contort his already tense body

16.what we worry about is that history may repeat itself because japanese government means to forget, Contort, and conceal history, which we can never forgive.

17.performance-conscious developers sometimes Contort their object models to increase the lifetime of a preparedstatement object.

18.rather than becoming more compassionate and considerate, we Contort the doctrine into a veil to support our narcissism. our country, system disfigurement and historical question Contort our public corporation 'financing behavior.

20.sometimes when you play, you hit a note or chord, and your facial and body expressions Contort to match the audio expression.

21.his face Contorts as he screams out the lyrics

22.this paper explores the relationship between diseases and painters through logical thinking and reasoning-artists have great ability to Contort and great power to create while they also feel weak and full of crisis.

23.sometimes you find lines, methods, or even entire classes that simply cannot be reached by tests, no matter how much you Contort the code.