Content Sentence Examples | Use Content in a sentence

1.the government should issue clear guidelines on the Content of religious education

2.empty the Contents of the pan into the sieve

3.most manufacturers Content themselves with updating existing models.

4.he was astonished at the high gold Content in the 340 million-year-old rock.

5.if you think of the concept of wikipedia where everyone is collaborating on Content.

6.the system finds the Content and deliver it to you rather than it requiring you to scout for it.

7.the ratings settings to reflect what you think is appropriate Content in each of four areas: language, nudity, sex, and violence.

8.he is at least Content that there will be no immediate use of force

9.sunflower margarine has the same fat Content as butter

10.there is no initial list of Contents.

11.this program is a production of npr, which is solely responsible for its Content.

12.this is how we see our tasks, and the substance and Content of our work for the forthcoming period.

13.she is reluctant to discuss the Content of the play

14.the organizers reserve the right to do not allow the participation of those works whose Content is not included in the proposed tender.

15.ever notice how some people just seem to be able to be Content and bounce back no matter what the circumstances?

16.she is not Content with her present lot and wishes to take steps to improve it makes me sick to read over such stereotypes devoid of Content.

18.the potassium Content of foodstuffs is very variable

19.flue-curing takes about a week and fixes the natural sugar of the leaf, which has a high sugar and a medium-to-high nicotine Content.

20.i was delighted to be able to eat my favorite dishes to my heart's Content.

21.when she told me that she remembered the Content of lesson 79, i began to do the conversation with her. i began to doubt if i do things is not too "illegal" , and there is no technical Content at all. effectively work with rational method composer, you need to understand a few concepts that are used to organize the Content.

24.he is not fatuously Content with existing conditions.

25.he says his daughter is quite Content.

26.i emptied the Contents of the fridge into carrier bags

27.the letter's Contents were not disclosed.

28.stricter controls were placed on the Content of video films

29.rainfall affects the moisture Content of the atmosphere.

30.previous students have had nothing but praise for the course Content and staff

31.i'm perfectly Content with the way the campaign has gone

32.sandon hall and its Contents will be auctioned by sotheby's on october 6.

33.i am Content to admire the mountains from below examining the Content of the unconscious, freud called into question some deeply-held beliefs.

35.when you sprout seeds their nutritional Content increases

36.he closed his eyes and died Content after his wish came true.

37.this is a good book so far as its Content is concerned.

38.he wisely Contented himself with his family and his love of nature

39.before then it had been Content to slap foreign brand labels on some of the products it manufactured.

40.not Content with rescuing one theatre, sally green has taken on another.