Constellation Sentence Examples | Use Constellation in a sentence

1.the design method of the orthogonal circular orbit satellite Constellation supporting global coverage is studied. infinite number of puzzles can be linked, to any sort of Constellation. steel with coating.

3.the orion Constellation can be seen in the fall and winter night skies from northern latitudes.

4.what you really want, though, is a Constellation of services; servers are just a means to that end.

5.the depression of the Constellation fell below the horizon.

6.a Constellation in the northern hemisphere near cygnus and andromeda. such disaster monitoring Constellation ( dmc) has been designed by surrey satellite technology ltd., uk.

8.a Constellation is a stellar system.

9.the parameter of the Constellation is optimized with the goal that the gdop should be minimum. former times the sun used to lie in this Constellation when it reaches the its point farthest north -- the time of the summer solstice.

11.a Constellation is a pattern of stars as seen from the earth.

12.the traditional differential space-time block code ( dstbc) suffers from the signal Constellation expansion for qpsk modulation.

13.just a few meteors per hour stream away from the shower's radiant point near bright star vega in the Constellation lyra . brilliant blue, this is the pulsar wind nebula of the crab nebula in the Constellation of taurus.

15.this method is applicable to Constellation design for space-based radar global and territorial early warning system.

16.the analysis and optimization of Constellation's coverage in the opinion of simulation are introduced.

17.the crow is a small Constellation in the southern sky.

18.the modulation recognition technique of qam signal by the Constellation diagram is given in this paper.

19.when hera found out about her mother's death, she was full of regret and transformed the crab into a Constellation in the sky called cancer.

20.this evening, we zoom in on vega and its small but distinctive Constellation, lyra the harp. the door swung open i saw over his head a brilliant Constellation crowning the chapel. of the most notable of these dark absorption nebulae is a cloud toward the Constellation ophiuchus known as barnard 68, pictured above.

23.the largest gallery contains at its centre a Constellation of photographs called my wishes.

24.bethlehem is thus a reference to the Constellation virgo - a place in the sky, not on earth.

25.having found a promising one in the Constellation leo, they turned the hubble space telescope on it.

26.a Constellation in the southern hemisphere within the milky way near lupus and ara.

27.most patients have a Constellation of diseases, with few clear-cut distinctions between them

28.analysis and control method for Constellation rotation in navigation satellite autonomous orbit determination

29.this Constellation represents a queen in ancient mythology.

30.crts and lcds assured a place in the Constellation of future display technologies.

31.with the news that the white house has canceled the Constellation program, nasa seems to be moving out of the human space flight business.

32.i still like to hear more about cancer in a family Constellation.

33.research and simulation of adaptive route technology in leo satellite network Constellation

34."Constellation books" that we not but i want and you wear "lovers". he wrestled with the decision over whether to leave nasa, the obama administration made the decision to scrap Constellation and ares i.

36.Constellation also intended to study the idea of establishing a moon colony. and simulation of novel routing technology in leo Constellation communication system

38.a Constellation in the southern hemisphere, near antlia and puppis. he was pumping away the whole day.

39.effects of different distributions of fault satellites on pdop availability of global navigation Constellation are studied.