Connation Sentence Examples | Use Connation in a sentence

1.on the Connation and practical path of "nursing agriculture by industry"

2.with significant Connation, soft international political resources provides a fresh perspective for studying the international politics, either phenomenon or nature.

3.recognizing the sort, Connation of ancient informing style and especially its playing the role in the work contributes us to recognizing and comprehending the work perfectly.

4.a contrastive study of cultural Connation of song fair in guangxi and "hua'er" hui in northwest china

5.also, the Connation of affinity to people is concluded and analyzed from four angels including survival environment, political rights and benefit, economic benefit and equality of personality struggled by mo-tse for people.

6.after the analyzing of the cultural tourism conception and character, this paper expands the Connation, principle and the significance of the cultural tourism exploitation, and studies the relevant theories of cultural tourism exploitation.

7.the author gives the standards of the subject of futures contract and cognizances among the subjects of futures market one by one, and discusses emphatically futures commission merchant ( fcm) Connation and characters.

8.corporate university has been developing for nearly a hundred years and from the emergency of the corporate university, the Connation has changed profoundly in various history period.

9.this paper tries to establish knowledge quantitative evaluation system through screening knowledge's boundary and scope, Connation and manifestation, goal and function, way and method, so as to promote the development of knowledge evaluation. expatiating the cultural Connation of popular music, this paper shows its relationship with teenagers 'music preference and points out that music educators should lead teenagers to advocate serious music.

11.grasp the actual value perception mode of customer is the key to understand Connation and the structure of customer value and further to measure the value.

12.chapter 1 and chapter 2 are elaboration on Connation and basic theories in research of trade association.

13.through the baptism of multiple values, the Connation of counselors 'roles has been gradually enriched. they do not only conduct ideological and political education, but also apply psychological counseling and life services.

14.through the analysis of rights, power, education rights and power, ethic, the Connation of education rights ethic is revealed.

15.following the principles of objective, equity and independence, by means of analyzing the information reflected by social public, this dissertation try to open out the essence and Connation of the contemporary urban beggar problems. analyzing the source and Connation of alienation theory of marx, this paper discovers the intrinsic contradiction of the alienation, and explicates that it is an inevitable choice to sublate the alienation theory for marxism whose character is open, critic.

17.Connation of organizational intelligence quotient

18.cooperation and coordination is the core of supply chain management. the paper analyzes the Connation of supply chain coordination.

19.the conclusion that the basic Connation of democratic management is political restraint system should be made through the analysis of democratic management in the state.

20.on the basis of analyzing the characteristics of the new time from there aspects of economy, politics and culture, states the Connation of legal sense education for undergraduate in the new time;

21.a discussion on the culture Connation of ladies'underwear and its development situation

22.due to the influence of myth and legend, idiom, and literary works, english vocabulary have their own cultural Connation.

23.the cultural Connation of soul, ghost and deity in hani nationality's ancient religious concept

24.logistical capacity Connation in regional logistics planning prediction matter whether it is based on the research of creative thinking or the graphic profound Connation and its manifestation, the exploration should be integrated in the curriculum teaching. last, the Connation and development system, as well as the theory basis system of low carbon economy, including the carbon cycle theory, the externality theory and the sustainable development theory are described in detail, which become a foundation for the latter parts.

27.starting with the manufacturing technique and classification of the birch hark wares of elunchun nationality, this article expounded the Connation and value of the birch hark culture.

28.the revolution of idea of modern education theory and open and distance learning request to identify distance curriculum resources as the core concept in many glossaries, and clarify the Connation and character of it.

29.on the basis of concept, characteristics and category of criminal victims, the present paper examines the Connation of victims 'influence on sentencing and lenient circumstances in sentencing and so on.

30.scientific Connation and construction of libraries'characteristic resource

31.based on the concrete text, the relation between the prose and the sex is analysed, followed by the discovery of cultural Connation of female prose& women's pursuit for independent consciousness in 1990's and their physical and mental sensation and expectation.

32.that is to say, the Connation of style is composed of two aspects: linguistic and literary.

33.cultural Connation bears the deposition of traditional chinese color naming and continues the brilliancy of the traditional color naming.

34.firstly, introduces the Connation and types of regulation and environmental regulation.

35.environmental protection of noumenal Connation of gao-yi dwellings

36.on theoretical Connation and institutional change of national capability construction

37.analysis of the main structure and Connation of the relations of administrative powers the moist of such resources, writers not only obtain the content and form of self-expression, but also confirm the self-artistic Connation and literary character.

39.the globalization has become an irresistible development advancement today, which caused the university social service function the Connation and the extension changed correspondingly.