Congregational Sentence Examples | Use Congregational in a sentence

1.merger of the Congregational christian church and the evangelical and reformed church.

2.this is the minute books of the turnham green Congregational church for 1876.

3.deacon board meeting summary: the topics discussed during the meeting last week will be shared today during the Congregational meeting.

4.poetry became "Congregational" lonely show, the audience left, the remaining relatives due to the face where the applause, this is now the current situation of poetry?

5.( religion) of or pertaining to or characteristic of a Congregational church. sunday morning at church, we sang "his eye is on the sparrow" as a Congregational hymn.

7.national association of Congregational christian churches

8.the main nonconformist groups in england are methodist, Congregational and baptist. the age of kali, intelligent persons perform Congregational chanting to worship the incarnation of godhead who constantly sings the name of k ??? a.

10.Congregational christian school service

11.merger of the Congregational church and the christian church.

12.set up small towns to improve the level of the Congregational living in city

13.however, leading the Congregational prayers and delivering the friday khutbahs cannot be carried out by women.

14.some people might understand that the female'imams'could lead the Congregational prayers or deliver the friday khutbahs. least five years full-time Congregational and pastoral ministry experience, preferable in the us or canada.

16.of the many ways to chant krishna's floris, foremost is his nama-sankirtan (Congregational chanting of his names).

17.some people might understand that the female 'imams' could lead the Congregational prayers or deliver the friday khutbahs. is an important method and course for the national economy progress to set up small towns and improve the level of the Congregational living in city.

19.the place where this market situated used to be occupied by the preaching house of american Congregational mission. the hindu temple is not meant for Congregational worship, the garba-griha is small in scale when compared to the whole temple complex.

21.over the bare limbs of the trees, which now swayed in the wintry wind, rose the steeple of the union park Congregational church, and far off the towers of several others.