Congeries Sentence Examples | Use Congeries in a sentence

1.investigation to the Congeries structure of super stretched wool is important to investigate the morphology of the block copolymers under Congeries for us to understand the relationship between the structure and properties of this kind of thermoplastic elastomers. the same time, this paper cites the concept of attractor and describes the spatial Congeries evolution of logistics enterprises by modeling dynamic system. consummate form in sending out amounts Congeries is revealed very easy to be therefore likely.

5.being a kind of Congeries of information, database system is a key part of computer information system; it's security is very important, even relating to enterprises's prosper& downfall and a nation's security.

6.simulation and character analysis of Congeries evolving process the investigation for the effect of some oxide adulterants, it was found that when tio_2 was adulterated to the iron oxide, the sample's thickness was increased and black Congeries were formed on the surface;

8.the conjugated grains in pet chips are formed of tio2 Congeries particles.

9.this Congeries, afforded by sensation and perception, must however be reduced to an identity or primary synthesis. to accomplish this the 'i' brings it in relation to itself and unites it there in one consciousness which kant calls 'pure apperception'.

10.research on spatial Congeries of logistics enterprises based on complex system

11.the results show that there are direct relationships between thermal stress and strain and structure of Congeries, chemical buildup and reaction of modified fibers.

12.ore area petrochemistry analyse also prove: intraclast Congeries silica rock in basin have higher cu, ag abundance than circumference pena. the prominence inhomogeneity of the cu distribution indicates reconstruct of the late construction.

13.if this assumption be admitted, of course a union of god with the world renders god completely finite, and degrades him to the bare finite and adventitious Congeries of existence. the md simulations, the nanotube is considered as a Congeries of individual atoms, the movement equations are established for every atom, and the deformation behavior of nanotubes can be determined by the trajectories of each atom.

15.urban is the Congeries of population and economy, the urban system of an area has the trait of fractal at different time-space preconditions. atomic cluster is a steady Congeries formed by the mutual forces of several to several thousand atoms, and whose physical and chemical characters often change along with the number of its atoms.

17.the results of simulation indicate that diversification of ant's action rules will bring on the essential change of figure and character in Congeries.

18.i'm not afraid of facts, i welcome facts but a Congeries of facts is not equivalent to an idea. last, this paper analyses investment attraction and Congeries characteristic of logistics industry of beijing, tianjin and shanghai. solid films, it was concluded that they congregated to h-type Congeries with left-handed helix.

21.when the concentration of sa was 0.00lmg/ ml, the structure of monomolecular, which was single chain and small Congeries, could be observed on the mica surface by afm.

22.abstract: on swarm simulation platform, taking ant as the adaptive agent of Congeries process and defining its action rule, we simulate the Congeries evolving process.

23.antagonism towards foreign investors has been growing in china for several years, fomented for self-serving reasons by a Congeries of hardline marxists, academics and bureaucrats who fear greater economic openness will threaten their jobs and power.

24.the alkali without natrium synthesizes separate n amizeolite colloid and the alkali with natrium forms the Congeries .

25.banyan would find asia had little in common with itself, a mere Congeries of nations and occasional failed states.

26.through the search of bourn of intraclast Congeries silica rock , its earth and west side all grow consortium robble.