Confession Sentence Examples | Use Confession in a sentence

1.this Confession implicates numerous officials in the bribery scandal.

2.they do not invalidate one another, just as Confession and absolution do not invalidate one another. she sat me down, forced out a Confession, and the delivered her own penance. whacking me with a damp shoe she'd just taken off my foot.

4.i have a Confession to make.

5.after the Confession had not become a male and female friends.

6.he had gone to Confession.

7.arbitrariness and truthfulness are two basic characteristics of oral Confession.'s been two months since my last Confession.

9.worst of all is to turn a secret crush into a bold public Confession by carelessly making a mistake entering your crush.

10.they forced him to sign a Confession.

11.Confession is one mark of repentance. beginning to contradict her Confession.

13.the police have got a Confession out of her, ie have made her confess.

14.the priest heard his Confession.

15.they forced a Confession from him.

16.his Confession surprised everyone.

17.i listened to his Confession.

18.and did you hear my Confession to you?'s not a Confession. it's an indictment!

20.the policeman had their Confession. must sign the Confession under pain of death.

22.two condemned prisoners were due to be executed, but no one knew their language to hear their Confession.

23.he thought her Confession had been made under duress.

24.rodriguez said castro is an illegal immigrant and that he gave investigators a Confession that implicated himself in the girl's death.

25.this is my Confession of the soul.

26.investigators spent more than a year trying to back up the Confession, and arrested both men in march 2010.

27.he never went to father porter for Confession again.

28.i want to make a Confession to you, love.

29.the police have got a Confession out of him.

30.he closed his eyes, lost in his agonized Confession.

31.they extorted a Confession from him by torture.

32.the diaries are a mixture of Confession and observation

33.a man walks into the Confession booth and says, i have sinned.

34.his Confession was forced out of him and can't be used as evidence.

35.i have a Confession.

36.Confession cleanses the soul.

37.the diaries are a mixture of Confession, work in progress and observation.

38.closet Confession: i totally adored blossom's skirt made of men's ties. (still kind of do. ) oh, you too? well, that's why she's on here.

39.the supreme court threw out the Confession and voided his conviction for murder.

40.father, it has been two months since my last Confession. i have had sex with nookie green twice a week for the last two months.