Condign Sentence Examples | Use Condign in a sentence present, innovation are becoming the focus of society, product innovation is the key of enterprise innovation, depending on the building of enterprises 'product innovation platform and it's conversion in Condign time.

2.we had filtrated the Condign synergist cm-101, it's interpolative chroma is10%; would make the field irrigation more precise in timing and quantity, when sufficient crop water messages and the Condign soil water condition ( 60% of the field capacity) are considered. the same time the author emphasized technical alternative characteristics of rural economic development in the background of global economy, put forward the nonlinear comparison and evaluation concept model of chaos arithmetic about the Condign technology opting.

5.introduced the course of seed selection about liaoxing-2, expounded characteristic and yield performance, proposed the main point and Condign plant area.

6.the Condign explosive factor and the optimal technical conditions in explosion pulping of leftover material of midsole were brought out by experiment and the factors influencing the characteristics of explosion pulp were analysed. the first place, this article makes an argumentation on the Condign modality, it contains eight aspects. firstly, the applicable scope of sentencing recommendation.

8.experimental research on Condign field-irrigation technique in shijin irrigation district

9.optimization of Condign evaluation for urban hygienic landfill site in jiujiang city

10.i was involved in work that led to the setting up of a highly classified study into the ufo phenomenon, codenamed project Condign.

11.Condign english basic skill, especially written.

12.conclusion the fluoride contents of the samples and daily total fluoride intake are Condign to related health standards in wuhan residents.

13.the study of Condign metabolic energy and crude protein levels in growth emu diets

14.if the condition was well, Condign and high level propionic acid could improve fermentation quality. on eco-climate applicability of spring wheat for Condign planting division in gansu province

16.fair logic. logic sentences and principles for fairness analysts are defined to authenticate whether a participant can get Condign messages that come from right entities or not, in order to reach fair acquirement analysis.