Concent Sentence Examples | Use Concent in a sentence is quite dynamic in itself and also in Concent with all of the other galaxies astronomers have so far detected. and k+ Concent were lower than those of salt sensitive varieties in the root.

3.Concent determination of fructose double phosphate sodium's intermediate by counteract method

4.determination of total amino-n Concent in "qi xue shuang bu kou fu ye"

5.four alloys were got by adding w, cr into the equal atom-ratio tial-based intermetallic compound with high nb Concent. the interrupted oxidation behavior of the four alloys at 1 000 ℃ in static air was studied.

6.research on equilibrium Concent ratio n and discharge of debris flow by experiments

7.tensile modulus and yield stress of blends increase with Concent ratio n of pmma.

8.point out the tallest allow Concent of ethyl hexanoate in strong aromatic chinese spirits of low Concentration.

9.all starting with the customers' requirements and ending with the customers' satisfy as our eternal management Concent.

10.n Concent ratio n of stem and leaf was decreased.

11.the flow condition of benzylpenicillin sodium solution was the most greatly influencing factor for the Concent. . .

12.the source of carbon in medium-lower carbon ferromanganese and the way of reducing carbon Concent

13.the Concent? centrifuge is design for applications where a continuous process or very high capacity is required.

14.analysis of 18 cases of intractable ascites by reinfusion of ascites Concent rated with the artificial kidney technology

15.the inhibition ratio was dependent on arsenic Concent ratio n and time.

16.if yon Concent me to kiss you.

17.according to murata y at el, macrophages can be divided into two classes basing on intracellular gsh level, namely the reductive macrophages ( rmp) with high expression of intracellular Concent of gsh and the oxidative macrophages ( omp) with less content of gsh.

18.the influence of acidity and Concent ratio n on fluorescence intensity were investigated.

19.results hsy can reduce the content of water content in brain and mda in plasma obviously, and increase the Concent sod in plasma.

20.but when the chitosan Concent was too high, the root growth was inhibited.

21.on this basis two strategies are provided, expanding strategy and Concent rating strategy to the chinese accounting profession.

22.a high Concent ratio n of contrast medium is recommended.

23.the Concent of micro electro-mechanical system was introduced, ana then the friction mechanical theory of micro electro-mechanical system also was analysed in the paper.

24.glutamic acid fermentation with high initial glucose Concent ratio n

25.the vitrification of regeneration shoots of chinese cabbage in vitro was mostly affected by hormones Concentration and agar Concent.

26.method: aspergillus niger separated from the secretion in external auditory canal of the patient and the fungus strains kept in the laboratory were used to determine the minimum fungus inhibiting Concentration ( mic) and minimum fungus killing Concent ration ( mfc) of borned.

27.effect of iron Concent on physical and mechanical properties as well as friction and wear characteristics of cu-fe base p/ m friction materials was studied.

28.moreover, the homeostasis established by the increase of mda Concent and protective enzyme ( pod, sod) activity in needles is the mechanism of the adaptive response for p. massoniana to low phosphorus stress.

29.the result indicated that the organic manure affected the single fruit weight, yield, fruit shape index and firm of fruit while it can increase the soluble solids Concent, vitamine c, soluble protein Concent and dissociative amino acid Concent of the fruit of watermelon.

30.investigation on the circumstances of students about selective course of ornamental fish farming and design of its teaching Concent on high-sand Concent ratio n fracturing technology

32.starting from the basic Concent of cleaner production, this paper analyses the reasons for promoting cleaner production and discusses the strategic significances and policies of developing cleaner production in china.

33.high reactive and high solid Concent polymer polyol that can be used in high resilience foam was prepared.

34.the article introduces wireless local loop with respect to its basic Concent, status of products and market. and also put forward are the author's considerations and suggestions on its future development.

35.i went to Concent yesterday. so did he.