Comprehended Sentence Examples | Use Comprehended in a sentence that monment i Comprehended i was a sinner. was like an intuition; he Comprehended it with his clear and sagacious promptitude.

3.readily Comprehended or understood.

4.the smile Comprehended montenegro's troubled history and sympathized with the brave struggles of the montenegrin people.

5.only when the original meaning and function are Comprehended can they be expressed thoroughly and perfectly in the target language, thus mutual understanding can be achieved.'s practice is Comprehended just by the view of history. usually, need is Comprehended as a sort of predicable about human or animal, it is only a conception that contact with human or animal.

8.i noticed the tears in daddy's eyes as i finally Comprehended.

9.however, in many projects, most of the architecture and design of a method can be clearly defined and Comprehended directly within rmc.

10.when quantifiers are Comprehended, their reference set and complement set are subconsciously considered, and then their reference is inferred.

11."thank you for a wonderful evening, " she said softly. before i Comprehended what had happened, she disappeared into the dormitory.

12.dangers not yet appreciated; these apprehended truths; a thing Comprehended is a thing known as fully as it can be known.

13.he thinks that smith Comprehended the correctness of this principle, only he did not deduce the correct conclusion from it. a cross-cultural situation only the first or second question may have been Comprehended. have Comprehended this saying when expelled from the paradise.

16.a demonstrable proposition is Comprehended when known by demonstration.

17.but if fix had been able to explain this purely physical effect, passepartout would not have admitted, even if he had Comprehended it.

18.semantic interoperability indicates the meaning of data can be Comprehended unambiguously by both humans and computer programs, and that information can be processed in a meaningful way.

19.the bright boy Comprehended the concept of geometry.

20.forge and forgery bill crime prescribed by criminal law should be Comprehended from both formalism and substantially.

21.she Comprehended where her duties lay. i came to understand love

22.his report of the accident Comprehended all the facts.

23.under this class of men are Comprehended all contemplative tradesmen, titular physicians, and statesmen that are out of business.

24.the knowledge of realms that all men Comprehended before the "fall".

25.such mysterious and quiet sound can only be Comprehended when you have exchanges with them from heart to heart. dint of reflection, i think i have Comprehended what was passing in my brother's heart. a file must be Comprehended in a wider sense.

28.burden of proof is one of the most important concepts in civil procedural law, which is Comprehended and applied differently in anglo& american law system and continental law system.

29.i feel indifferent whether i am Comprehended or not.

30.this section explains the substantial evidence test, the most traditionally recognized and easily Comprehended of the three.

31.noirtier gave valentine such a look of tenderness and gratitude that it was Comprehended even by the notary himself.

32.i think you just Comprehended the true meaning of judas.

33.the true meaning of money yet remains to be popularly explained and Comprehended.

34.her ailing brain Comprehended nothing, but the only thing which she did not doubt was that he had come to get her.

35.the new is often Comprehended with the help of the old. one Comprehended themagnitude of the problem then.

37.he had great expression and he lit up when he Comprehended the humor in the story-so neat to see that! much horrible in countless cold nights is Comprehended in a simple plain word.

39.have you Comprehended the full expanse of the earth? declare it, if you know it all.