Composing Sentence Examples | Use Composing in a sentence

1.the next major evolution is in Composing experiences that bring together lots of disparate elements into a single context.

2.and cesar frank is said to have walked around with a dreamlike gaze while Composing, seemingly totally unaware of his surroundings.

3.this can be done by Composing multiple figures. Composing either speeches or writings you must always consider the audience.

5.algorithmic music composition is the application of a rigid, well-defined algorithm to the process of Composing music. is hoped that the research of this works can offer certain enlightenment for Composing and playing chinese piano musical works.

7.the craft of Composing type and printing from it.

8.and in his mind he began Composing the words he would use to tell his beloved svetlana about their unbelievable good fortune.

9.enterprising spirit believing though not rich work experience, but i believe in, i am bound to be able to very good Composing !, from within the document you are Composing in outlook, insert this ndl file. information integration system of load Composing characteristics is developed and designed.

12.while Composing, some composers seem to approach a state of deep daydreaming.

13.collections are characterized by a model attribute defining the type of models Composing the collection.

14.this paper analyses the Composing of power protecting circuit and steady voltage circuit in komatsu model hd460 dump truck.

15.expounds system Composing, primary functions, achieving methods and hardware and software design.

16.analysis of the Composing and developing methods about embedded system

17.the developing of vocal music, promoted Composing desire and enthusiasm of composers and singers.

18.the ranking domain provides a means of Composing the set of entries that are to be ranked relative to one another.

19.the Composing of structured light sensor and the existing calibration methods are presented tersely.

20.mozart began Composing when he was five years old.

21.and it is the studying and Composing intention of this thesis.

22.the contemporary western philosophy had discussed that structure and Composing of essence in a distinctive angle.

23.due to the needs of Composing chips and printing function, we need to have a new equipment selection.

24.chenpeixun was finding out the national style of chinese piano music when he made a study of piano music Composing.

25.therefore, i keep Composing, recording, and sharing my originals with peoples in the world. spreads by Composing emails using a complex set of rules and sending them out with its built-in smtp engine.

27.a program in labview is constructed by Composing various program building blocks and supplying parameters to the blocks.

28.this concept is called composition, since you are Composing a new class from existing classes.

29.the principle of this method, the Composing of the instrument and the environment are introduced in this paper.

30.he is interested in painting and Composing as well.

31.when only four, mozart was Composing minuets.

32.research progress, Composing and working principle of lithium-ion secondary battery were described in this paper.

33.protect equip basic principle and the Composing method.

34.after that, this study also covers the overall framework of laser tv as well as Composing and designing schemes of video processing system.

35.relating to the creation of symphony, tchaikovsky made development on melody Composing, title music and orchestration.

36.the dissertation consists of hardware design, driver development, can bus control system Composing.

37.she is the minor poet of our class, Composing only ragged verses.

38.abstract: the Composing and controling principles of microcontroller control system of computerized subjective refractometer are introduced.

39.this paper analyzes the Composing of the testing and warning system of combustible gases and method of overhaul, and gives examples of analysis and overhaul on the grounds of phenomenon of breakdown.

40.'it's like if i were a musician who used to do 150 concerts a year and dedicated some time to Composing.