Composer Sentence Examples | Use Composer in a sentence

1.this Composer is writing beautiful song.

2.he's a Composer of serious music.

3.lewis emerges as a Composer of distinction and sensitivity.

4.ludwig van beethoven was a german Composer and pianist.

5.Composer provides a solution to this problem.

6.the aloof Composer neither worried nor cared about public opinion.

7.including american Composer and conductor leonard bernstein.

8.the most important psrs that facilitated the creation of Composer are psr-0 and psr-4.

9.finally in the programme, we come to the news that the american Composer and conductor, leonard bernstein, has died

10.back then, when i first started going to concerts, a "distinguished" Composer in the audience was relatively easy to identify. was the fortieth anniversary of the death of the Composer.

12.or two violins that had belonged to the austrian Composer johann strauss ii, seized from his jewish stepdaughter.

13.ellington was a Composer concerned not only with melody, but with harmony, rhythm and instrumentation too.

14.the Composer said that the devil had appeared to him in dream in 1713 and offered to become his servant.

15.for having saved, for russia, the Composer tchaikovsky., turned out he's a fantastic Composer and over the last few years has been a constant collaborator of ours.

17.but above all he must, in order to follow the line of the Composer's thought, know something of the principles of musical form.

18.never had such an honor been accorded to any other russian Composer.

19.after his education, goldschmidt became a pupil of the Composer franz schreker.

20.beethoven is a great Composer. is also an expression of the Composer.

22.i've always been a great lover of mozart, a great, great admirer of this Composer.

23.the manuscripts were written in the Composer's own hand.

24.what a Composer surely wants to express is that forte is louder than piano, but by how much? a Composer he proved himself adept at large dramatic forms

26.( 1810-1849) Composer and pianist.

27.he was highly regarded as a director, Composer, pianist, and educator.

28.mozart was a famous Composer.

29.the later works are the Composer's best. a professional Composer i owe much to radio 3

31.there are probably fewer hard facts about the life of henry purcell than that of any other great Composer since the renaissance. if i simply sang the song into a recording device in the privacy of my own home, it wasn't clear that i owed the Composer anything.

33.thanks to Composer, i have a straightforward and simple solution.

34.the hymn was written by an obscure greek Composer for the 1896 athens olympics.

35.he was already known as a Composer of operas when he settled in england in 1711. the end, dreyfuss's character realizes that he has had as much of an impact from his teaching as he would have as a Composer.

37.beethoven's music inspired me to be a Composer.

38.they dazzle the penetration of the Composer.

39.who is the Composer of the song?