Compose Sentence Examples | Use Compose in a sentence

1.he started at once to Compose a reply to anna

2.cale also uses electronic keyboards to Compose.

3.electronic mail and filing permit a user to Compose and transmit a message on an office automation system.

4.this is the way you should Compose, young man!

5.for indeed it seemed to me impossible to leave this world before i had produced all the works that i felt the urge to Compose. that you've created a service and service client, you're ready to Compose a bpel process model application to invoke this service.

7.then think of any positive event, no matter how small, connected with that topic, and Compose a short thank-you for that experience.

8.can you Compose music on the computer?

9.multiple ui controls can Compose a panel.

10.mere facts do not Compose a good book.

11.the document Composed in philadelphia transformed the confederation of sovereign states into a national government.

12.the drawing is beautifully Composed.

13.Compose one arming for me.

14.the scene moved him to Compose a poem.

15.he tried to Compose himself before the examination.

16.of course, you can also Compose a new email from within the application!

17.they agreed to form a council Composed of leaders of the rival factions.

18.Compose yourself before the doctor gets here.

19.anthony dismounted with his camera and walked away from the walls to Compose a shot

20.similarly, you could Compose applications (if you want to call them that) without ever installing a development environment.

21.bauby had to Compose and edit the book entirely in his head, and convey it one letter at a time.

22.we should Compose ourselves in the face of fear.

23.vivaldi Composed a large number of very fine concertos

24.can, that sees the technology that you Compose.

25.i believe these numbers Compose a so-called legend.

26.she quickly Composed herself as the car started off

27.this story requires a long explanation and , therefore , have patience and Compose your mind to hear it out.

28.mozart showed genius even at the age of six, when he began to Compose minuets.

29.protein molecules Compose all the complex working parts of living cells

30.mrs chandler reassured her brother that she was being well cared for and managed to Compose herself to continue the conversation.'s pretty easy to Compose screen views and screen flows that illustrate how the system looks to the end user.

32.the force would be Composed of troops from nato countries

33.above four aspects Compose the main contents of this paper.

34.method: the sources were analyzed to Compose steps for whole determination procedure by establishing mathematical model.

35.then he Composed his features, took godwin's hand awkwardly and began to usher him from the office.

36.give me a platform let me be that you Compose a poem? have to Compose the words of these letters.

38.the robot can identify and Compose sound, and have good vision.

39.workflows can be either for collaboration among different users or to Compose bigger operations out of the existing operations.

40.they must each Compose a poem in strict alliterative metre