Comportment Sentence Examples | Use Comportment in a sentence

1.i went here and there at my own dear will, bound by no limits of space, time or Comportment.

2.classes for 13- to 14-year-olds to sharpen up their Comportment in a world of ill-mannered informality , it was reported on wednesday.

3.abolishing 《 agricultural taxation clause 》 is a momentous Comportment for mitigating villagers 'burden, raising their income and impelling socialistic new countryside construction.

4.policy adjustment for the Comportment finance and the investors conduct the instrumental investigation, we hope that it has certain curative effect in strengthening the cerebrovascular disease patient's myodynamia and restoring the grasping Comportment of hands.

6.manner is a person's characteristic conduct or Comportment:

7.however, practically there still is the Comportment of abusing intellectual property right.

8.their gee-whiz, faux-naif Comportment is not always convincing ( madison bell) characterized by false pathos and sentiment.

9.demeanor; demeanour; Comportment; behavior; behaviour; actions; conduct; doings. statically is teacher's value orientation and thinking way, and dynamically is teacher's attitude predisposition and Comportment.

11.practice human interaction and social Comportment.

12.Comportment is knowledge of how to behave in expected and unexpected situations regardless of how many eyes are on you.

13.its crew can thus monitor its immediate environment over 360 degrees from the safety of its crew Comportment.

14.analysis on volunteer service and treatment for olympic games on Comportment and treatment of volunteers for 2008 beijing olympic games of his chief exhibits is the republicans' Comportment during the past year of divided government.

16.a private british college is starting compulsory etiquette classes for13-to14-year-olds to sharpen up their Comportment in a world of ill-mannered informality, it was reported on wednesday.