Comport Sentence Examples | Use Comport in a sentence the wars of the european powers in matters relating to themselves we have never taken any part, nor does it Comport with our policy to do so.

2.his statement did not Comport with the facts.

3.his remark simply does not Comport with his known attitude.

4.the dishonest is impossible to Comport himself with honor and is also difficult to deal with.

5.behave in a certain manner; show a certain behavior; conduct or Comport oneself.

6.a simple method to expand the Comport

7.i am not sure, however, whether payment will Comport with the cure, and i would not have the reward interfere with the medicine.

8.all of us can change our behavior to fit different situations. his speech and deportment do not Comport with his high position.

9.objective we observe effect and Comport in treatment of cervical spondylosis through treatment of balanced cervical spine of general ⅰ-1 type.

10.a judge should Comport himself authoritatively [ with dignity].

11.using multithread Comport data collection and a varietal model called producer/ active consumer model, the software system runs steadily.

12.but, while the audience is able to see how the candidates Comport themselves and hear what they have to say, we are not privy to the notes they jot down while their competition speaks.

13.his conduct do not Comport with his high position. you must reach out for any opportunity that comes your way. those Comport with the laws, the responsibilities that we have?

15.they should be able to Comport themselves as they want.

16.since you told us that our government still did not enough. we will try to Comport better since now on.

17.his behavior did not Comport with his office. is your job to Comport yourself humbly and to consistently hew to your moral ideals.

19.this article introduces a method to expand the Comport. matter where you find yourself, Comport yourself as if you were a distinguished person.

21.Comport with corporate identity standards.

22.should Comport himself authoritatively [with dignity].

23.his conduct did not Comport with his high position.

24.such actions do not Comport with your high status.

25.this is my ship, and when you're on my ship, you will Comport yourself like the captain you claim to be!

26.under the new economic mode, the business enterprise should Comport better in the management of the customer relation, the customer relationship management ( crm) will become an important means to open the exhibitive competition.

27.conclusion in treatment of cervical spondylosis the trestle of balanced cervical spine of general ⅰ-1 type is effective, then it's Comport is better. and upload transit pc Comport, this paper gave out the design thought and implementation.

29.i do not know how i would Comport myself.

30.the character of culture-economic integration of olympic games existing precondition is "scarcity". it Comport economization of culture, culture process of economic and culture-economic integration, etc. 3 aspects.