Component Sentence Examples | Use Component in a sentence

1.stone production line's actual production according to the above said how much will the production line each Component parts.

2.wallerstein's work can be separated into three main Component themes

3.proteins are biological macromolecules that are an essential Component of organisms and participate in every process within cells. general, if you do not know which specific Component you want to trace, the best thing is to use the default, which is trace_all.

5.this kind of code review is a prerequisite for Component testing and runtime analysis.

6.he also defended short-selling, arguing that it was a valuable Component of financial markets and did not drive companies out of business.

7.a community role can be mapped for each business Component in the application to a particular domain role. out-of-process Component attempted to pass a reference to a private object as an argument of an event it was raising.

9.the system has a build-time Component and a run-time Component.

10.the menu is all-important. every Component of every meal should create contrasts.

11.if the Component programmer wants the user to be able to read the values of parameters, she must give at least read permission. a result you'll see that very simple data types and Component logic have been used.

13.therefore, the tooltip Component shows up in my applications more than probably any other Component.

14.but, the company acts as if the web is just mobile and has no desktop Component.

15.the orderprocessor Component is now complete. creating new data templates for tags in your Component library you can offer more choices in this wizard.

17.they sent me all the way to brighton to buy some special Component, but it turned out to be a fool's errand because they are out of stock.

18.the functionality of the soa portfolio is realized at the operational systems layer and the Component layer.

19."i think dealing with development and poverty around the world is going to be a critical Component of our foreign policy, " he added.

20.the management plan has four main Components

21.they were automotive Component suppliers to motor manufacturers. guo said the imf should 'immediately' include the yuan as a Component of its special drawing rights basket of currencies.

23.distribution patterns& Component distribution patterns address problems and forces associated with distributing Components across heterogeneous platforms and environments.

24.this dissolved organic matter was not, until recently, thought to be an important Component of the total.

25.gorbachev failed to keep the Component parts of the soviet union together

26.since this is not a true runtime Component, scalability is not an issue.

27.Component architecture: this provides a flexible, platform-and language-independent means of building scalable and reusable software Components.

28.ext js has recognized this and added a good deal of updates to its most important Component.

29.the second key abstraction in ucm is the notion of Components and Component baselines.

30.the gmf project provides a generative Component and runtime infrastructure for developing graphical editors based on emf and gef.

31.enriched uranium is a key Component of a nuclear weapon

32.this package contains all the classes and interfaces that comprise the naming authority Component.

33.he is making the unarguable point that our desires and preferences have a social Component.

34.the portlet Component implements a standardized service interface and protocol.

35.this ensures proper decoupling between service consumers and providers connected to the Component.

36.analyze the input and output of the Component patterns.

37.the uml modeler Component now adds support for lost messages and found messages.

38.the specialization of mathematic teachers is crucial Component of the process.

39.each Component is carefully checked before assembly.