Comply Sentence Examples | Use Comply in a sentence professional and personal life we are often required to Comply with formal standards. or services which do not Comply with all of the above shall be considered to be defective.

3.he said he would change his own signs to Comply with the law.

4.some beaches had failed to Comply with european directives on bathing water

5.wherever we go, we should Comply with the rules there.

6.there are calls for his resignation, but there is no sign yet that he will Comply.

7.disposal of asbestos and asbestos related products should Comply with local, state and federal laws and regulations. was as if the chaos of war seemed to Comply with some hitherto unknown law of nature.

9.having formulated rules on the auction business that Comply with this law and the stipulations of other relevant laws;

10.since she insisted on going alone, i had to Comply.

11.the parties shall earnestly Comply with the provisions of all laws, rules and regulations related to this agreement.

12.he was told to pay the fine, but refused to Comply.

13.they have to Comply with social and environmental standards.

14.if the director fails to Comply with subsection (1), he shall be liable to a fine and, for continued default, to a daily default fine.

15.the one that does not Comply with the requirements of the state-set mandatory criteria and safety technical norms;

16.determine whether quality activities and results Comply with written quality plans, procedures, and programs.

17.though receiving the compass, he said he wouldn't Comply with her order, however, he can take some comprised action.

18.we regret that we cannot Comply with your wishes.

19.2 for disposal and clean up of material, Comply with all local, state and federal disposal regulations.

20.he refused to Comply.

21.the baby is not willing to Comply with her mamma's words.

22.Comply fully with the csr safety, health and environment standard and policy.

23.the company undertakes that it will Comply with all the terms and conditions of this agreement.

24.she was fired for refusing to Comply with safety regulations. shouldn't Comply with every wish of his just because he is a child.

26.the commander said that the army would Comply with the ceasefire

27.labor party b to Comply with the discipline and professional ethics. must Comply with her request.

29.Comply with hse of the aden and client, ensure all activities should be in accordance with safety rules. was a great balk to him that he did not Comply with my request.

31.renew self working knowledge so as to Comply with the industry and government laws and regulations.

32.we assume no liability to you or any other person for any loss or expense due to your failure to Comply with this provision.

33.the factory was closed for failing to Comply with government safety regulations.

34.they must Comply with all departmental rules and regulations.

35.she said the rules Comply with world trade organization requirements.

36.creation and innovation must Comply with logical rules.

37.we Comply with all applicable laws, regulations and internal policies. must Comply with all the necessary formalities.

39.the three companies have declined to comment on whether they would Comply with the new requirement, saying they are looking into the matter.

40.identifiers that do not Comply with all the rules for identifiers must be delimited in a transact-sql statement.