Complimentary Sentence Examples | Use Complimentary in a sentence

1.we will no longer be serving Complimentary cold cuts and soda on cold cuts and soda day.

2.he apologized for the remarks, which he said were meant to be Complimentary to obama.

3.and don, as i said, he's now, he's crazy. in a wonderful Complimentary way.

4.Complimentary use of all snorkeling, safety and diving equipment.

5.Complimentary half board didn't thrill me as you were really restricted to which restaurants you could use.

6.exclusive use of vip lounge with Complimentary food and beverages;

7.are these maps Complimentary?

8.he was as courteous and Complimentary to her as if it was the fairest and noblest of ladies whom he was addressing.

9.there was a Complimentary bottle of champagne in the hotel room.

10.there was a long pause, and then, carried away by the vastness of his Complimentary remark, a woman said, "well, we like it. "

11.the restaurant supplies Complimentary tissues and toothpicks to customers.

12.they do not give you a Complimentary toothbrush?

13.the staff have been very Complimentary, and so have the customers

14.our guests said some very Complimentary things about the meal i'd cooked.

15.i've got Complimentary tickets for a concert.

16.perhaps more interesting than the tag are the Complimentary elements and. and spring are not alternatives to each other, but rather sca is a Complimentary technology to spring.

18.there could be no doubt that if she were to speak, she would say nothing Complimentary to anna mihalovna.

19.jack's got two Complimentary tickets for the cup final, so guess where we're going next saturday!

20.he had Complimentary tickets to take his wife to see the movie.

21.use colors to your advantage by carefully selecting Complimentary colors and ones that showcase the values you're trying to sell. offers free snacks and chefs prepare Complimentary lunch and dinner.

23.she was highly Complimentary about my paintings.

24.we are pleased to offer you with a Complimentary copy of this research, available now.

25.we often get Complimentary remarks regarding the cleanliness of our patio. should encourage him more Complimentary he.

27.would you take some Complimentary drink while waiting?

28.for jung, dualism and monism were not mutually contradictory and exclusive, but Complimentary aspects of reality.

29.the Complimentary close may be in the center or commence at the center point. the mixed punctuation is often used.

30.we had Complimentary tickets so we got into the show for nothing.

31.afterwards, gordon was Complimentary: this is the best chinese i had in weeks.

32.i presumed the bottled water in the room was Complimentary.

33.once your needs are determined, ibm offers Complimentary training plans to match.

34.with all the extra Complimentary bits on the side, the meal ends up to be a filling one.

35.the Complimentary close may not be followed by the name of the company if it is previously printed on the letter-head.

36.soft: tasting term, usually Complimentary, indicating a wine with a mellow, unaggressive character.

37.a Complimentary afternoon tea is served to all guests.

38.that's really not very Complimentary to me.

39.he was very, very, Complimentary of everything he saw and very good with direction.

40.Complimentary breakfast for every guest staying at this hotel.