Compliment Sentence Examples | Use Compliment in a sentence

1.thank you for your Compliment, but you're exaggerating.

2.there was a time when the best Compliment you could pay someone was to call him or her a gentle person.

3.thank you for your Compliment, let me take you to visit!

4.the next time you think it's funnier to put yourself down than to graciously accept a Compliment, know that it's not.

5.i can refuse to acknowledge your Compliment, but you can continue praising me anyway.

6.he's always criticizing her, and never pays her a Compliment.

7.his lips curved up in the obligatory smile, acknowledging the Compliment

8.she may be fishing for a Compliment and welcome your reassurance

9.i hope that's a Compliment. can do no harm by paying a woman Compliments

11.this is the highest Compliment that i could receive and i thank you for that.

12.simply use a positive adjective with a work-related term and your work Compliment is all ready.

13.the actors have entertained us so splendidly during this weekend, i think it's time we returned the Compliment.

14.your clothes feel looser and more comfortable, and your friends Compliment you every time they see you. Compliments to the chef

16.she gave a coy smile when he paid her a Compliment.'s a Compliment, you should be flattered.

18.a little beauty, a few smiles, and a Compliment to the navy and i shall be lost.

19.i want to Compliment more and criticize less.

20.please give this to your boss with my Compliments

21.his word was a double-barrelled Compliment. it implied that she was an agreeable female, and also her husband had a clerical appearance.

22.on my bedside table awaited, with the Compliments of the management, an appetizing breakfast. all of his friends, he considered it a Compliment when somebody called him a wiseass.

24.give my Compliments to your lovely wife when you write home.

25.if you want to pay him a Compliment or offer praise to any of your teachers, these are the sentences to use!

26.firstly i Compliment you on most of your excellent spring issue of 'triangle'.

27.if someone says i'm sexy, i think it's a Compliment.

28.'well done, cassandra,' crook said. she blushed, but accepted the Compliment with good grace.'s obvious he's worried about us and i'm taking it as a Compliment.'s about time i heard a Compliment around here.

31.laura acknowledged this Compliment with a negligent wave of her left hand

32.i mean, thank you for the Compliment.

33.saying she's improved comes over as a backhanded Compliment.

34.we consider it a Compliment to be called 'conservative' was probably the greatest Compliment i could have paid her.

36.i wish i could take that as a Compliment. mustn't sound like a contrived Compliment.

38.her political opponent came out with a smear campaign , and she returned the Compliment .

39.he did not take the identification as a Compliment; but he made the best of it, and turned it off with a laugh.

40.they Complimented me on the way i looked each time they saw me