Complicating Sentence Examples | Use Complicating in a sentence

1.objective: to investigate the expression of progesterone receptor ( pr) in placenta of patients with hypertensive disorder Complicating pregnancy ( hdcp).

2.a study of the relationship between psychosocial stress and hypertensive disorder Complicating pregnancy.

3.however, some patients do not respond well to conventional ventilatory support, further Complicating the treatment.

4.objective: summary the rescue and nursing with the elders chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Complicating left heart failure.

5.neurokinin b and placenta growth factor in hypertensive disorder Complicating pregnancy

6.the clinical analysis of 24 patients with diabetic ketoacidosis Complicating with acute pancreatitis

7.Complicating matters is that numerous voices now shape china's foreign policy.

8.some patients may even hold religious beliefs that psychiatrists are evil emissaries of satan, Complicating the clinician's task, he said.

9.pregnancy outcome of hypertensive disorder Complicating pregnancy with ascites

10.some began to seek private buyers of their shares, Complicating the company's internal valuation for employee stock options.

11.this word encompasses a sense of "flip-flopping" but it also implies a number of other Complicating forces.

12.Complicating the discussion of this phenomenon are the semantics inoled.

13.he avoids making public comments for fear of Complicating his son's life.

14.this reflects the fact that entrepreneurs are springing up in every corner of the world, Complicating the battlefield still further.

15.Complicating matters, local jurisdictions across the country have different rules and approaches to testing and using voting equipment.

16.Complicating matters is the ending of the era of large oilfields.

17.what if there are some Complicating medical concerns they should, but don't, know about? on the risk factors and pregnancy outcome of hypertensive disorder Complicating pregnancy

19.this trend will increase in the future, further Complicating the development process.

20.analysis the change of blood pressure and clinical features in patients with acute myocardial infarction Complicating primary hypertension

21.and as if that wasn't enough, all of these incredibly Complicating things, right, they wanted it in one shot.

22.the level and significance of 8-iso-pgf_ ( 2 α) in normal and hypertensive disorder Complicating pregnancies and their neonates

23.Complicating the issue of separating love and lust is that it is often possible for lust to exist within a loving relationship.

24.Complicating this issue is that either magnetic or geographic pole is not static.

25.this will introduce yet another Complicating factor into chinese diplomacy.

26.the inventor of the language seems to have taken pleasure in Complicating it in every way he could think of.

27.the discussion on relationship between hypothyroidism and hypertensive disorders Complicating pregnancy america these actions become executive puberty rites, Complicating relationships that are already complicated enough.

29.does it contribute toward building an intranet, or does it add yet another Complicating factor?

30.Complicating the project is the fact that drosophila guttifera is little used in research and its genome has not been sequenced.

31.aim to explore the clinicopathological features of toxoplasmosis Complicating acquired immunodeficiency syndrome ( aids).

32.but the aggressive stimulus, which has pushed down the value of the yen, is only Complicating matters.

33.the issue of the monarchy is Complicating politics in the run-up to the elections

34.a clinical study of cardiac reserve function for pregnant women with hypertensive disorders Complicating pregnancy

35.conclusion ovarian poor response may have no significant effect on incidences of hypertensive disorders Complicating pregnancy after ivf-et.

36.Complicating this issue is that scientists are not certain how much mercury-tainted fish is needed to trigger health problems.

37.Complicating zuse's claim of priority, an air raid destroyed his computer, as well as all accompanying photographs and documentation.

38.for over a week digital clocks and watches in sicily are Complicating their owners by running more than 15 minutes fast, local media said.

39.this is potentially a creative solution, but there are, of course, several Complicating factors. on the relationship between the coagulation system-related genes polymorphism with hypertensive disorder Complicating pregnancy