Compliant Sentence Examples | Use Compliant in a sentence run any of them, you ll need to set up a jsp technology-Compliant web container, either on your local machine or on a test server.

2.the padding in the ceiling of the car , though Compliant with safety regulations, had been thinned out to save money .

3.the web services should be Compliant with jsr-109 specifications.

4.this allows database vendors to produce Compliant jdbc drivers even though they may not support all of the functionality.

5.the operation principle and construction design of an all fiberoptic accelerometer based on Compliant cylinders are described.

6.assist the project manager to establish project management processes, systems and procedures fully Compliant with the contractual obligations.

7.other gui toolkits provide i18n support but aren't always standards Compliant. can also use custom apache uima Compliant text analysis components to implement more advanced text analysis solutions.

9.the second is a standard for an interface to a ras-Compliant repository, referred to as a ras repository service.

10.can an implementation be Compliant even if it implements a subset of the standard?'s easy to fall into the trap of thinking fast must mean sloppy, and that clean, standards-Compliant markup takes more time.

12.the key is not to be buzzword Compliant or to join the trendy game of buzzword bashing.

13.we will use jax-rpc Compliant engine as the platform of choice for the service implementation ( server-side).

14.the final factor in the customer's comfort would be to have fully Compliant system tests and acceptance tests.

15.driving characteristics of planar Compliant mechanisms were studied based on the pseudo-rigid-body model herein.

16.these interfaces exist to be implemented, and Compliant implementations will behave the same.

17.accurate stiffness and stress models of a class of bridge-type direct coupling Compliant mechanism have been studied.

18.this allows the server geronimo to have control over the thread management and work distribution for a Compliant ra.

19.further, they felt that ifrs-Compliant statements were too complex and that users had to be financially literate to understand them.

20.regina is available on an extremely wide range of platforms, and is fully ansi Compliant (with a few extensions added).

21.tinyxml attempts to be a flexible parser, but with truly correct and Compliant xml output.

22.but to see india and vietnam as Compliant partners in an american-orchestrated anti-china front is off the mark for three reasons.

23.implementing jpa-Compliant entity managers seems to be the likely direction of these technologies.

24.the equation of Compliant mechanisms and a design case are also presented.

25.this not only makes the packages fully p2 Compliant it also gives us more flexibility to customize the packages.

26.she was much naughtier than her Compliant brother.

27.a bpel Compliant business process model has being created in the previous section. can install this ear file on any j2ee Compliant application server.

29.ensure that workforce planning and employment activities are Compliant with applicable country and local laws and regulations.

30.the information services are Compliant with data standards that have been defined.

31.a sip servlet is a java based application that performs sip signaling Compliant to the jsr116 sip servlet specification.

32.submissions of c and c++ source code should be able to be compiled on an ansi Compliant compiler.

33.result shows that the controller has rapid Compliant ability of process changing and good robust performance in practical applications.

34.the system should be applicable and Compliant with requirements of production for communication;

35.this allows you to enforce standards across projects and quickly determine whether a model is Compliant with those standards.

36.apache wink 1.0 is a fully Compliant implementation of the jax-rs 1.0 specification designed from the ground up.

37.impala is not currently osgi Compliant although this is also planned for the first full release. is Compliant with all relevant safety and environmental standards.

39.a Compliant microleverage mechanism was taken as an example and the optimization results were given.