Complementary Sentence Examples | Use Complementary in a sentence

1.these new initiatives are not necessarily superior or even Complementary to a multilateral imf.

2.we can be Complementary. facilitates the sharing of files and data with other users and the development of Complementary products.

4.osgi and sca can be Complementary.

5.betty: oh, but you haven't seen it. it's a smart- looking pant suit and Complementary blouse, and a pair of stylish dress shoes.

6.the csc catalyst and rup frameworks have a natural synergy because of their structural similarities and Complementary content.

7.heroic sacrifice in war does not contradict self-preservation: they are opposite and Complementary.

8.the other one of a Complementary pair.

9.if you have done your research and wish to try a Complementary therapy, the next step is to talk to your personal doctor or hiv specialist.

10.china and india play Complementary roles in the global economy.

11.should social and economic needs drive research priorities, or should Complementary basic research also be a commitment?

12.after six months, they should be fed adequate and safe Complementary foods while continuing breastfeeding for up to two years or beyond.

13.the yin and yang forces are opposing but Complementary to each other.

14.they can, however, be Complementary to other types of cloud computing.

15.Complementary policies to strengthen schools and the incentive to attend them seem to be necessary.

16.cooperation, although it is hardly the only law of life, has long been a Complementary principle of community and civic living.

17.this will now allow accurate assessment, measurement and evaluation of breastfeeding and Complementary feeding.

18.Complementary antonyms are words opposite to each other and the positive of one implies the negative of the other.

19.such a treatment exploits the Complementary action of two or more antibiotics.

20.teaching and research are Complementary to each other.

21.he has done experiments Complementary to those of eigen. this point we're ready to start mixing things up a bit, what with the triads and the Complementary colors and all.

23.similar and Complementary projects and products to aries provide many different ways of building applications that use osgi technologies.

24.first, they provide Complementary mechanisms for describing documents. fact, these programs need plenty of Complementary services and support.

26.strictly, a base pair is a pair of Complementary bases (i. e. the a: t, g: c and a: u interactions) held together by hydrogen bonds.

27.the rise, development and application of value chain accounting play better Complementary role in the current accounting.

28.a construction method of binary Complementary sequence pair set was proposed with theoretical proof.

29.two Complementary exhibitions are on show at the africa centre

30.the positive outcome of the uruguay round is a major contribution towards more coherent and Complementary international economic policies.

31.this Complementary in our relationship will provide a strong foundation to strengthen our trade and investment links.

32.the study's main sponsor was the government's national center for Complementary and alternative medicine.

33.our two countries are mutually Complementary in economy.

34.however, one of the reason we decided to pay a little extra for this hotel was that the website offered Complementary airport transfer. improve the quality of life through work, two Complementary strategies are necessary

36.discipline and love should be Complementary to each other.

37.moreover, the rats' behavioral perturbations were reflected by a pair of Complementary changes in their underlying neural circuitry.

38.electrons or any other "particle" should display wave properties to preserve the Complementary wave-particle symmetry of nature.

39.the best partnerships are based on mutual respect, Complementary skills and aligned objectives.

40.Complementary colors are indigo and yellow, blue and orange and so on.