Complaisant Sentence Examples | Use Complaisant in a sentence

1.she's always helpful and Complaisant. close one's eyes like a Complaisant husband whose wife has taken a lover; the obliging waiter was in no hurry for us to leave.

3.the 5th kind of method is: put plant ash in birdbath to clarify, with will wash hair, make a hair clean and Complaisant .

4.under the Complaisant eye of mr ahmadinejad, a former guardsman, it has won a big, even dominant, place in the economy. Complaisant was he, moreover, that at times, when urged, he let himself be taken to hunts or the theatre or the spectacles.

6.on the base of kangaroo's biological construction, this paper developed a Complaisant hopping model, than analyzed how nonlinear joint and Complaisant foot work and improve the hopping capability of system.

7.adding Complaisant mechanism into kangaroo hopping robot can improve the location and driving characters.

8.washing when sending, use moister, protect wash well hair fluid and protect hair vegetable, the hair is Complaisant , comb easily naturally.

9.i feel optimal hair should resemble silk cloth same Complaisant and ablaze.

10.the figure of Complaisant bashfully can let a man show strong one side really, but pretend to be missish also can let his desire all be broken.

11.the legislature has been criticized for being too Complaisant , agreeing everything the administration wanted .

12.and you can knock the door of communication when you treat other people with Complaisant and enthusiastically attitude. the bearing that him attention wants when the job, accomplish a station to have station look, sit have sit, cultured and easy, Complaisant.

14.the product brings unprecedented Complaisant sense, the feeling of drying he min that caresses you hair is qualitative.

15.she was an old-fashioned wife, entirely Complaisant to her husband's will.

16.a good servant should be Complaisant but not servile.

17.ears as if funneled streams, as if the leaves of her Complaisant, immigrant moist dawn was turned into my mind space lane charms sunshine.