Compassionately Sentence Examples | Use Compassionately in a sentence

1.what touched most was her ability to Compassionately point something out to me with her gentle words. case of delinquent re- payment by owners who are in genuine financial difficulty , hkhs will handle the cases Compassionately .

3.political efforts to conform law or policy to narrow or sectarian teaching are often acted out coercively, not Compassionately.

4.the absolute truth doesn't have to be harsh or hurtful, you can do so Compassionately and authentically, but firmly.

5.remember, god's mercies are new every morning. he is Compassionately working in your life for his glory and your blessing.

6.if you're the spouse who's unsatisfied, it's important to communicate with your partner, Compassionately. will bring their behavior to their attention and all of it will be handled Compassionately and yet completely. hou nodded Compassionately and checkmated me a few moves later.

9.then almost Compassionately he said, "you should be greatly rewarded. "

10.her seven eyes Compassionately watch over sentient beings at all times.