Comparatively Sentence Examples | Use Comparatively in a sentence

1.the past few days have seemed Comparatively flat and empty

2.i prefer the country to the town& it's Comparatively clean and quiet. was in that period that "jingyan" system developed into a set of Comparatively scientific institutions.

4.the life of the troops was still Comparatively austere. executing the above scripts, a Comparatively complete firewall has been created.

6.profit manipulation is a Comparatively prominent problem existed in chinese listed companies.

7.the results show that, hydrochemical types of groundwater in the study area are Comparatively single;

8.all this was Comparatively slow until, with the coming of science, the tempo was suddenly raised.

9.this thesis makes a Comparatively comprehensive analysis on the styles of his poems.

10.this paper used the difference matrix method in the water environment security assessment and gets a Comparatively good result.

11.the moon did not rise now until late and he had no way of judging the time. nor was he really resting except Comparatively.

12.located in medium and low latitudes, china's sea areas have Comparatively advantageous natural environmental and resource conditions.

13.his latest project is trying to devise a way to send high-definition television signals over a Comparatively slow network infrastructure.

14.she has been Comparatively successful in maintaining her privacy.

15.the study of this part can be used for reference for administrators and is Comparatively strongly applicable for secretaries.

16.they might have got through Comparatively unscathed, as did the reactors at fukushima dai-ni, a similar plant farther along the coast.

17.i am Comparatively uninterested in the subject.

18.but this research in our county began Comparatively late, and it is not mature. of the sports economy is an interesting and Comparatively new area of study.

20.Comparatively late in a course of development.

21.among them, bangladesh and thailand are two good examples which have succeeded Comparatively. far, no scholar has conducted a Comparatively comprehensive and systematic study in it. this essay is a fulfillment of it.

23.the progenitor was Comparatively easy to find because it was one of the brightest stars in the host galaxy.

24.both hume and burke made Comparatively deep analysis of it.

25.pneumatic conveying requires Comparatively high gas velocities.

26.however, food and water was being distributed and the situation was Comparatively calm, our reporters said.

27.but even this Comparatively simple method and its theory demanded an attitude of doctor to patient very different from the suggestion method.

28.the chinese have a Comparatively large power distance than the americans.

29.income taxes accounting originated in western accounting fields and has been Comparatively mature through long-term research and practice.

30.the Comparatively lagging of rural infrastructure, in particular rural roads, is one of the common characteristics of the poor areas.

31.from the angle of fictitious capital? s intension and extension, this paper analyzes the above conclusions Comparatively.

32.the maximum or minimum stirrup ratio and stirrup spacing requirements were Comparatively analyzed.

33.this problem is not Comparatively important.

34.he was a Comparatively young man and did not unnecessarily wish to tie himself to an octogenarian, although a millionairess. you work through this article, you will see that the test framework we provide makes test creation Comparatively simple.

36.his intelligence is Comparatively favourable with that of his brother.

37.that life would have to survive on Comparatively little oxygen and water, and would have to be very tolerant of methane.

38.tin is a Comparatively easy metal to smelt.

39.once one has got hold of certain basic facts the rest is Comparatively easy.

40.until Comparatively recently, dyslexia remained largely unrecognised.