Compacted Sentence Examples | Use Compacted in a sentence

1.the company mainly produces gray iron, ductile iron, Compacted graphite cast iron, heat, cold and corrosion-resistant special castings.

2.dta, xrd and sem are used to characterize the constituents and microstructure of Compacted cement with and without silica fume cured in different curing conditions.

3.calcareous sediments accumulated on a sea floor and eventually were Compacted and cemented to form limestone. is necessary to study the unsaturated hydraulic conductivity of densely Compacted bentonite under the confined conditions.

5.the instrument has higher precision for detecting Compacted quality of roadbed.

6.snowfalls as hexagonal crystals, but once on the ground, snow is soon transformed into a Compacted mass of smaller, rounded grains.

7.the old snow has Compacted into the hard-ness of ice.

8.while it is being Compacted, considerable lateral pressure is exerted by the concrete.

9.the fade-in and fade-out acoustic signals Compacted and expanded on the time axis are cross fade processed.

10.then, marked objects are copied such that all the live objects are Compacted at the bottom of the heap.

11.the subjacent and lateral strata previously have been Compacted.

12.heat and lack of rain have Compacted the soil.

13.while some material may discharge as the rat hole collapses, falling material often gets Compacted over the outlet and forms an arch.

14.the roller Compacted concrete dam construction technique is one of preferred dams style in water conservation and hydroelectric project.

15.the stage moistening deformation tests are performed for the Compacted expansive soil in ankang using improved triaxial apparatus.

16.the sand is Compacted by vibration and mechanical means.

17.however, to avoid moving large objects in memory, this memory is not Compacted.

18.a hard material made of Compacted binary compounds of carbon and heavy metals, used to make tools that cut metal.

19.general landscaping is to be Compacted natural ground.

20.the saleslady Compacted a neat package out of my wife's purchase.

21.thousands of crates Compacted in a warehouse.

22.this paper analysizes and discusses the mechanism and effectiveness of crack director of roller Compacted concrete arch dam.

23.the dam in guangzhao hydropower station is the highest roller Compacted concrete gravity dam in china at present.

24.and a milwaukee teen is lucky to be alive after being dumped into the back of a recycling truck and Compacted.

25.the loose heaped ground method of soil reconstruction on the platform can avoid the topsoil to be Compacted, and greatly increase rainwater infiltration and disperse surface run off. also does not work in Compacted soils.

27.this mixture is placed into a suitable mould, Compacted, and allowed to harden.

28.abaxial surface densely spongy to Compacted, white to fawn, tomentose, hairs dendroid sometimes with a floccose rufous upper layer.

29.the tribological properties of vanadium Compacted graphite cast iron coupled with steel disc have been investigated.

30.the tensile strain of the intermediate liner may cause tension cracks in the Compacted clay liner.

31.mark anderson said: 'the Compacted sand can withstand strong winds and light rain, and the sculptures should survive a week or two at least.

32.experimental study of swelling characteristics of Compacted sand-bentonite mixture;

33.the Compacted snow on the pavement turned to ice.

34.comparative study on the performance of roller Compacted concrete with phosphorus slag powder or fly ash

35.effects of vibration frequency on dynamic strength properties of Compacted loess

36.compactability is the ease with which a given mix can be fully Compacted, all the trapped air being removed.

37.there is size effect to rolled Compacted concrete as concrete.

38.all those three books are Compacted and compressed into one book.

39.the soil is Compacted by the winter rain.

40.the soil settles and is Compacted by the winter rain.