Compact Sentence Examples | Use Compact in a sentence

1.the article is Compact and well organized.

2.the vampir was not the first german infrared system, but by the end of the war in 1945 it was the most Compact and advanced system they had.'s a designer gun. it's lightweight. it's Compact.

4.this march, a british and an american company will do battle in the high court over the right to press Compact discs.

5.the auto Compact disc cleaner can run off batteries or mains.

6.the Compact disc is a miracle of modern technology. you recover the hands, keep them close to your body, and stay Compact with your arms.

8.this representation is extremely Compact and efficient.

9.Compact trees, bring quick returns.

10.the drier is of simple, Compact design, conveniently portable and easy to operate, the only requirement being a mains power supply.

11.the gramophone had been eclipsed by new technology such as the Compact disc

12.the smith boy was Compacting the trash

13.the illumination is provided by a Compact fluorescent tube.

14.units welding and welding of formwork using split-type design, and Compact size, easy to display, in particular, to save working space.

15.the Compact core of the atom begins to appear.

16.the united nations is trying to help the somalis convert the vintage tapes to Compact discs before humidity and time overtake them.

17.the soil settles and is Compacted by the winter rain.

18.Compact structure, convenient use and maintenance.

19.pinch out the tips of the young growths to make for Compact, bushy plants.

20.try to Compact the sand into the mold.

21.the soundtrack of 'highlander ii' will be released on Compact disc at easter.

22.i was simply dazzled by so many Compact disks ( cd). taken by Compact cameras are often dark because they're slightly underexposed.

24.the article is Compact and carefully constructed.

25.testers are easy to carry, they are Compact, lightweight, and powered by a rechargeable.

26.the kitchen was Compact but well equipped. the internal combustion engine outboard engines, with a Compact, small size, light weight and easy to start and many other advantages.

28.the shopping area has a Compact layout.

29.this article is Compact and well-organized.

30.this gives a very Compact design.

31.he was Compact, probably no taller than me products do not have to be "out-of-the-blue" new (like the video-cassette recorder or the Compact disc).

33.the system models problems in a highly Compact and natural way.

34.he looked physically very powerful, athletic in a Compact way.

35.they made a Compact to buy a new air-craft.'s also very Compact, though not as Compact as the htc aria, since the ally has the slider keyboard that makes it a little more bulky. is significantly more Compact than any comparable laptop, with no loss in functionality.

38.Compact discs have brought about a vast improvement in recorded sound quality.

39.experimental results prove that this focusing structure is characterized by his Compact volume, high rigidity and well precision.

40.he took the Compact disc from her, then fed it into the player