Commutator Sentence Examples | Use Commutator in a sentence

1.but it has Commutator, complex, expensive, difficult to maintain, not suitable for harsh environments. armature is similar to a rotor except that it includes windings of copper wire to which electric current is supplied via a Commutator.

3.furiously he tested the spark-plugs, stared at the Commutator.

4.grinding technology& mechanism research on underwater diamond wire saw; Commutator stone

5.Commutator type analog-digital converter audio ad-da convertor

6.examples of these signals are thermal-noise voltage in electronic circuits and brush or Commutator noise in electric motors .

7.we have discussed the relation of Commutator and operator of related on orthomodular lattices. suitable for armature winding wire head auto-pressing into the welding slot of Commutator to supply the next welding process.

9.a device, such as a diode, that converts alternating current to direct current. single-phase Commutator induction motor

10.a method of converting rotating movement of cams into horizontal linear movement and vertical linear movement is proposed, and the time sequence are realized using a differential Commutator.

11.a rotating Commutator on the dc machine, used as an exciter, was a common means for achieving rectification in the past.

12.according to the technological requirements of post-curing of phenolic molding compounds for automobile starter Commutator, it is proposed to realize the specific programs of the control system. usually appears at the rf, blade passage frequency and Commutator brush frequency, and their higher harmonics.

14.on Commutator ideal of the associative ring and commutativity african payments and clearing unio

15.because the service life of the Commutator is improved, the use cycle of an electrical motor can be prolonged. on harmonics problem of timing control system of the single-phase series motor with a Commutator

17.highly experienced in permanent magnet, carbon brush, Commutator, other critical motor component & material ion.

18.through more than a decade of efforts and development has become the largest domestic and strength of the Commutator one of the manufacturer.

19.a principle of the scr uninterrupted contacting Commutator for the dc motor

20.using an ohmmeter, check the resistance between the segments of the Commutator.

21.this paper is a study on the invertibility of the Commutator of scalar-idempotent elements and scalar-involutory elements of a unitary ring.

22.carbon brush test on short circuit Commutator

23.the brush holders permit the brushes to move somewhat and utilize a spring to hold them against the Commutator.

24.Commutator type analog-digital converter Commutator type exciter

26.Commutator type function generator is very necessary to make sure that the carbon brushes stay in good contact with the Commutator. or replace the electric brush; clean the Commutator surface by abrasive paper and blow it clean.

29.these form a Commutator to create motion through a spinning magnetic field .

30.the two ends of the wire are connected to a split-ring Commutator.

31.Commutator type analog-digital converter configuration and shifting principle of dual clutch automatic transmission

32.the experiment method on sensorless speed estimation in dc motor and three special cases of dc motor with different number of poles and different number of Commutator bars were presented. a quarter of wave length Commutator principle, combining with electromagnetic wave absorb of filling material.

34.among dc electric motors most widely used as servo motors are Commutator motors with separate excitation and variable armature voltage.

35.Commutator is a tool for the operation of a crane.

36.we can machine and slot the Commutator.

37.the no-brush direct current electromotor is a kind of direct current electromotor without any mechanical Commutator or brush.

38.double Commutator motor generator