Communist Sentence Examples | Use Communist in a sentence, as mr. nixon said, our prestige at an all time high, as he said a week ago, and that of the Communist at an all time low?

2.the study of the superiority and countermeasures in Communist youth league and building of enterprise culture

3.china's not a typical Communist country, comrade lenin may agree on it.

4.he joined the Communist youth league when he was in the middle school. accordance with the new situation and requirements, the author proposes the tasks and ways for the work of the Communist youth league in colleges and universities. the following year he joined the Communist party.

7.on the historical position of journalistic thoughts of the Communist party of china;

8.and third, upholding and improving leadership by the Communist party.

9.the volunteer service activities shall accept the direction and supervision of the Communist youth league and other related departments.

10.on behalf of the Communist party of china and people, i sentence you to death.

11.the liberal welfare state arose at a time when there was a serious Communist option in europe and globally. january of 1987, hu no longer held the office of the general secretary of the Communist party, and i often went to his home to visit him.

13.the principle of distribution in Communist society is “ from each according to his ability ” and “ to each according to his needs ”.

14.peaceful reunification has become the common aim of the kuomintang and the Communist party.

15.we have just held the twelfth national congress of the Communist party of china.

16.since the founding of the Communist party of china (cpc), mass campaign, as an expression of class struggle, has been a part of cpc history.

17.a party member since his days in rural anhui, he rose through the Communist youth league. is theoretical form of governance ability of Communist party of china, reflecting the governance level of party.

19.this time the negotiations between the kuomintang and the Communist party at chungking have lasted forty-three days.

20.i am not a Communist, but i love my country. the 1960s, paul was caught up in the cultural revolution, a chaotic attempt to root out elements seen as hostile to Communist rule.

22.this was a standoff between the west, the us, versus the international Communist world, centered around the soviet union.

23.the central committee has issued a draft resolution on the problem of Communist participation in the government.

24.this is truly the wonder of free trade with Communist china. is a significant reference for us Communist youth league and the youth work in china.

26.these ever-accelerating changes have transformed china from a Communist backwater to the world's fourth-largest economy.

27.does it want to become the next vietnam, reforming its economy and society from within a Communist system?

28.the paper proposed some advice on constructing basic-level organization of Communist youth league.

29.religions, or any form of an organized spiritual belief, was considered to be competitive with the dictates of the Communist dogma.

30.should the anti-japanese national united front be confined to the kuomintang and the Communist party? its east, the eu has tried a bit harder to promote political reform, due in part to the demands of its ex-Communist members.

32.i want to construct the china Communist youth city.

33.he was a convinced Communist.

34.this resembles the behaviour of the japanese fascists, who treat the kuomintang and the Communist party differently.

35.on the superiority and tasks of the Communist youth league organization in the construction of harmonious campus

36.this is the work of the group of the Communist youth league and youth gathering.

37.i was referring to the ingratitude of the phillipene sand enjoying the spat between viet nam and Communist china.

38.true, as a child of Communist east germany, she is something of an outsider as far as the german centre-right establishment goes.

39.the advanced nature of the Communist party of china is not in its blood, but comes through the concrete process of the times.

40.building a harmonious society is the requirement of the chinese Communist party and central government.