Communicator Sentence Examples | Use Communicator in a sentence

1.Communicator will search network directories for the security certificates that are used to send other people encrypted mail messages.

2.if you wish to change your password or other security preferences, choose security info from the Communicator menu. also shows that you are a good Communicator and motivator.'s very necessary for an excellent manager and team leaders to become a skilled Communicator.

5.these statistics are for an average Communicator in english.

6.if you are the only person using this copy of Communicator, you must create at least one profile.

7.executive chairman ray lane strongly defended the choice of ms. whitman, calling her a strong Communicator and leader. addition to feelings and thoughts, i also use the vehicle of experience as a grand Communicator.

9.a strong Communicator, able to develop key relationships quickly and effectively.

10.Communicator can only send a message to one news server at a time. can choose a password which Communicator will ask for each time you start with this profile.

12.liu is the head disciplinarian and chief Communicator.

13.Communicator only supports password integrity and password privacy modes for importing certificates.

14.he was able to influence and motivate people because he understood what mattered to them and was an excellent Communicator.

15.going offline will tell Communicator not to make any network connections.

16.must be a strong Communicator with the ability to communicate clearly about designs and concepts both verbally and in writing.! nlp is not just about communication. a further study of these great therapists, it is how they think makes them a great Communicator.

18.a former reagan speechwriter says obama is like the great Communicator in his style, oratory, and temperament.

19.Communicator can start in either online or offline modes.

20.similarly, an effective Communicator will first seek to understand another's views before seeking to be understood. least one field must be mapped to a valid Communicator field.

22.normally, Communicator will change your computer's network configuration to match the one saved in your selected profile.

23."people-oriented" idea of the social information communication requests the "Communicator" to be responsible for the communication.

24.must be an excellent Communicator, ability to develop new business;

25.Communicator could not connect to the directory server xx to retrieve preference information. auditor is an accomplished Communicator, and an even better listener.

27.for more information about certificates, choose security info from the Communicator menu.

28.Communicator will search a directory for the security certificates that are needed to send this encrypted message. can enable ssl by selecting security info from the Communicator menu and opening the navigator section.

30.being a good Communicator means people find out what is really wrong with you.

31.Communicator has found another mail program on your machine.

32.but, repeatedly, the Communicator radioed, "columbia, houston, uhf comm check, " as if he might still hear a reply. may not be trying to be an internet superstar, but surely you're trying to be the best Communicator you can be.

34.Communicator stores information about your settings, preferences, bookmarks, and stored messages in your personal profile.

35.-be a good Communicator.

36.if you change your mind, open security info from the Communicator menu and edit site certificates.

37.these skills can make you a more effective Communicator and a sharper editor and writer.

38.the change log information may be invalid or incompatible with Communicator.

39.but has mr obama really lost some of his skill as a Communicator? finish if you want to start Communicator and continue entering your mail and newsgroup information later.