Combating Sentence Examples | Use Combating in a sentence

1.the body has its own defense system for Combating oxidative damage, but it does not always do enough.

2.he has put his heart and soul into the task of Combating the drought. progress has been made in improving party conduct, promoting integrity and Combating corruption.

4.most are not even aware that raw milk has been used throughout the past centuries as a means of Combating various illnesses.

5.according to some research and summarize, we advance the stratagem, guidelines, basic principle and measures for Combating aeolian desertification in china., inside and outside the classroom, is essential for strengthening tolerance and for Combating hatred and discrimination.

7.Combating international terrorism came fourth.

8.the veterinary virologist and the clinician are naturally interested in effectively Combating a viral infection.

9.we are quite interested in looking at china's efforts and experience in Combating corruption.

10.a senior administration official said the session had a full agenda that ranged from Combating terrorism to trade.

11.exercise has a major part to play in preventing and Combating disease.

12.because of every once Combating to be makes people esteem exceed oneself magnificent performance.

13.he said washington and tehran share strategic interests in Combating afghanistan's spiraling opium trade and the resurgence of the taliban. cooperation in Combating organized crime;

15.we also reaffirm our commitment to support afghanistan's emergence as a peaceful, stable and democratic state, free of terrorism and extremism, and underscore the need for more effective regional and international cooperation for the stabilization of afghanistan, including by Combating terrorism.'s capabilities are instrumental in Combating many of the world's most pressing diseases.

17.developing countries should set both short-and-medium-term objectives and long-term objectives in Combating global climate change. to improve and implement the witness protection system is directly related to the efficiency of Combating crime posts.

19.these measures have proved ineffective in Combating the problem.

20.on this day, let us reaffirm our commitment to Combating desertification and land degradation and mitigating the effects of drought; london he berated a respected pakistani journalist who dared question his government's efficacy and sincerity in Combating extremism.

22.she said authorities should not view respect for human rights as an obstacle, but as part of the solution in Combating crime. and the growth in drug-resistant forms of tuberculosis present the greatest challenges to Combating tb.

24.third, Combating economic crime;

25.programme for Combating and preventing illicit trafficking in conventional arms

26.they will increase conflict between the commission, which sees Combating climate change as its main aim at the moment, and member states.

27.the government continued to deny any diversion of food, although it hinted that it was Combating internal corruption.

28.the organization has pursued a commendable policy on Combating racism and religious intolerance.

29.Combating disease, inflation, terrorism.

30.i would like to brief you on china's cooperation with other countries on Combating cyber crimes. has also created a unit dedicated to Combating counterfeit medical products and other pharmaceutical crimes. present, we are Combating subjectivism as found in the socialist revolution and socialist construction.

33.measures for Combating the draught have been taken in good time.

34.algiers plan of action on the prevention and Combating of terrorism in africa;

35.all the efforts are to be devoted to Combating underworld gangs during the spring festival holidays.

36.avian and influenza pandemics, and expand efforts toward Combating the spread of hiv/ aids in the region.

37.he imagined that venn and mrs. yeobright were in league, and felt that there was a certain legitimacy in Combating such a coalition.

38.we need to do both: strengthen health systems while also Combating high-mortality diseases.

39.research in the issues of corruption and Combating corruption during chinese transtion;

40.regional centre for Combating organized crime and corruption